The sun does not actually Warms itself

sun without the volcano!

sun really does not heat itself, it is part of the interaction with other elements on the planet, that is, with the same structure as the sun itself.

sun without the volcano, are two elements which affect the whole climate change cycle and throughout the world.

on our soil Only Love has a structure like the sun, its hot plasma.The sun without the volcano, it would be selfish demon, it would not be warmed, as well as others not warm the planet.

interaction between the volcano and the sun I call as a remote link.That is, the heat does not come from the sun, and comes from the magnetic efekta between the volcano and the sun, and there is a path along which the lava.Why is that?

you noticed that in the winter, too, the sun is shining, it rises and sets every day, it is always there as in summer and winter.And at the same distance.That's only in the winter it is cold and summer heats as interesting though!If the sun was warm, then to approach it would be warmer and warmer, and this is unfortunately not the case.Why only heat near the earth punishment, and when you rise above it becomes colder and colder, as there should be, how it all turns out to turnover.So the heat does not come from the sun.

That is, it is connected by way of which the lava flows, and on our planet from this changing climate, winter and summer.But not only that, the climate of the moment changed much, not to the rhythm to which we are accustomed.

As everybody knows that it is connected with humanity, the so-called sulfur efekt!

But it's my guess is wrong, everything is connected with the change of trajectory lava, that is, the way a volcano located on a specific scheme like heating pipes in our house, they are arranged so as to provide heat in certain areas of sync with the sun andchanging a trajectory over time, they work together as a magnet, but only attracts solar heat.This large two magnets at a distance, between which the filament forming cells, that is, heat.

natural man could harm the system.Stir the lava to go along the path on which she had to go.Or just change direction.That's because this is a change in climate.In general, in the whole system of our planet.

so you need to protect our nature, and try not to change its structure.As the sun without Vulcan, there is still a lot of elements that are closely linked.