Cold Flame quiet sadness Russia

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on the streets here and there, I often hear people discuss and talk about the upcoming elections, the majority of whom are pensioners."In Russia, it became hard to live", "Pensions are not enough", "I will not vote for the party" United Russia "," What happened to Russia? "- These are the expressions that can be heard more often. I have noticed that from-this discontent and frustration people have become more interested in politics. In public transport, in shops, on the street, many TV shows discussing where party leaders were. People quoted their statements, evaluated, criticized, praised. It was like a kind of awakening. PartiallyIt joined the immune system within the state, regardless of its brain. These people were obviously not all the same to the voting results. Many have said that the vote does not make sense and everything is predetermined. "All printing has long delivered" - this phrase became winged among thosewho simply desperate and considered pointless to choose a chance for a bright future. There were those who were just dead indifferent - people who just burned his despair in the cold flame quiet sadness Russia.To express this as something different, I could not even.It is this sadness aroused in me the creative impulse inspired and write a little bit about it.

¬ęChange our hearts demand" - sung in a famous song of Victor Tsoi.Indeed Russia needs change, they are always needed.And not in terms of gas, oil or anything else, not in terms of the construction of bridges, railways, which of course is also very important.We need a change of a higher spiritual plane.We are slowly turning into a domestic organisms are increasingly filled with negativity.The people of the state is the mirror of the soul, and often people think that this is the state in the search for solutions to get a "beautiful reflection" of the mirror itself, it begins to turn people into lab rats.Many people seem to like it "on top" it looks like this: "So, what do we have ... the ear ... the unemployment, high mortality, corruption ... Come come here to smoke a little tax, a kind of 20%, then cross out there contracted, then urezh.Pension ... aha, what do we have a budget?In general, here shall add 13%, then cross out all, and now well ka you look, Th, we screwed up ... Aha, you see we've got utilities rose only grannies Che is dying started, let's here like this to stick.All take two! ... Come on, Come on ... Yes, what do you do with them once again unhappy!Come again! ... "That's a little humor, though a" black "and with obvious sarcasm.But of course it is worth noting that the policy is still a very serious and very difficult.Russian mentality produces feature to express our desires, of cause and effect with the words "Just .." It's as if the cries: "What and how there would not cast the government to ordinary people is not so important, it is important only one thing - just to live normally, andnot to survive, ie to live better than now!It whispers to the very quiet sadness Russia! "And here as a chess move squeezes sentence:" The life is not so simple.The state is a very complex organism, and the rulers are not gods! "To which there is certainly a new answer.

State activity reveals not only the positive aspects, but also the side effects of the needs of developing into greed, and then in and corruption due to which the law of circulation from top to bottom there is a new need.And then this new need for acquiring new forms of crime, followed by mortality, and again thousands of investigative branches with a cause - poverty.This nightmare is not it?But it would have been far worse if the state did not seek to get rid of this annoying and destructive parazitki in the image of the needs of precisely those positive aspects of themselves.Now, if this process was so successful ... Plunging deeper thoughts on this subject begins to boil the brain, and in fact there is "on top" thinking on this subject is the work.Yes, maybe, here I am trying to bring awareness about our government.And all this only because our government is a tool that builds a path to our future with you happy.Why is it builds up and can not build?Just look back ... especially people who are over 40 years old, I like only 20. Well analyze what life once was and what is now, still I think it is better than it was before.But now the time has borne the clouds with cold rain.Old women, and not only podvorovyvayut disposable bags and small goods in supermarkets, many of them washed with my tears utility bills, who lives in the cellar, because somehow his house just collapsed and had nowhere else to live.I've seen mothers who in their cold homes in the winter wrapped up their children in their latest clothes, whatever they do not catch cold, they gave their children the last piece fell asleep with them in the arms of hungry in the freezing cold ... You say, "My God, what then fertilityif there are no conditions, no means!What do we need this maternity capital, when one child for a couple of years is much higher! "What to say about salaries and pensions?All about money, which brings stability and comfort.All this is the flip side, for which the government has to deal with poverty and other problems, and where we show him our whole life his displeasure, though often informally.This article can write endlessly, because the topic is very broad.

Coming back to the subject of the elections, I would like to note that many people do not want to vote for the party "United Russia", which is headed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, who really did a lot for Russiagiven the fact that screwed up the previous rulers.Reason already expressing the above, and we can only wait for the results of the elections.In any case, let us hope in the wisdom of our chapters, which will be able to draw the appropriate conclusions in recent years, but not on a political and spiritual level, and to do so that would be cool flame quiet sadness Rossi faded, and in its place broke at least a bright and warmbright light of hope.The odds are very high in this, because it's not so bad and neglect, proof of which is that we live in a peaceful Russia where, thank God there is no war and there are thousands of prospects to get out of rags to riches.