Who are the columnists and what is their job

Who are columnists?The answer is known to few people.However, it should be noted that without them would be that without which modern man can rarely do, - press.


So, the first step is to determine who the columnists.They are workers of the printing press, the authors are their own column (or section headings).It is worth noting that over one heading often has several columnists.

In the distant 1922nd year in the United States published a book called "Column".This is a very valuable work.After all, it explains in detail who the columnists as well as details of their professional field of activity, and many other nuances of this section relating to journalism.It should be noted some peculiarities.First, today, over one heading operates several columnists.Rarely one journalist conducts own a particular section.In addition it optionally including in state.Often this freelance journalists.

origin of the word

English Dictionary noticed that a word like "columnist" came into use about 1915-1920 years.This so-called "Americanism" that caught on quickly enough in the English language.

very easy to understand what the word "columnist", because its meaning is quite specific: "This journalist who regularly collaborates with the newspaper" or "one who leads on television or radio program, similar in style and material to the columnor writes a column in the print edition. "Interestingly, the word was borrowed from the Latin language - in its meaning is "the text published in the form of a column."And by adding the suffix "ist", which indicates the name of a man, there was the professionalism.In fact, in a rather early examples, it is difficult if recognizable: in English it was written so that in Russian it would sound "kalemnist."But then it settled spelling because when borrowing in our dictionary, the term has passed as a "columnist".


This edition, which now stands next in importance to such newspapers as the "New York Times", "El Pais" and many others.Like all big-name magazines, there are columns, sections and headings.It should be noted that columnists "News" - a very famous and talented journalists.For example, Dmitry Bykov, who published almost all weeklies in Moscow and is a member of the Writers' Union with more of 1991.He is the author of five collections of poetry works, as well as the novel "Spelling" and "justification".

Or, for example, Andrew Bilzho, graduated from medical school in psychiatry.He is a talented cartoonist, who in his entire life has published about seven thousand drawings.Andrew Bilzho awarded the "Golden Gong" and "Golden Ostap".The "Izvestia", he leads mozgovedcheskie column.

Specificity of

Talking about who the columnists, it should be noted the specificity of this activity.The column can only lead the kind of person that is able to understand the subject, which she says.And he does not just have to know what it is conducted.He is obliged to know every nuance of detail relating to the topic.Rare cases when a journalist, columnist on "Psychology", would write in the section on gardening.

Besides column - this is not the article or report.Often it is the small, very concise journalistic work.Accordingly, the second obligation columnist - as much as possible is understandable, accessible and, most importantly, it is interesting to present the information.The reader, without being an expert in a given subject, which leads to the speaker, to understand the words of the journalist, what is at stake.This is the main problem columnist.