The psychological phenomenon of "Stranger in the Mirror"

about strange phenomenon when in the mirror instead of their own reflections man suddenly begins to see a completely different person ...

This is no deviation - just an optical illusion.To experience the effect it, you just need some time carefully and without stopping to look at her reflection in the mirror at the subdued light.

Italian author Giovanni Caputo psychologist advises to arrange an experiment in a room lit only one dim lamp (eg 25W), which is behind, and look in the mirror at a distance of about 40 cm.

On assurances Caputo, subject to all theseconditions, the effect of the illusion of the "Alien face" will begin to be felt within a minute.

To participate in your experiment, psychologists asked 50 people.At the end of the 10-minute session, participants were asked to describe what they saw in the mirror.Descriptions were very different from each other, but most frequently the following:

- greatly distorted own face (66% of the 50 participants);

- face of one of the parents with some altered traits (18%), of which 8% were at that time still alive, and 10% have already died;

- an unknown person (28%);

- a kind of archetype - an old woman, a child, portraits of ancestors (28%);

- muzzle of an animal - a cat, a pig, a lion (18%);

- fantastic creatures and monsters (48%).

Caputo believes that such effects can be caused by a combination of simple visual distortions that arise as how the visual system again and again recognizes the same way and starts to interpret them differently.

More curious was the emotional reaction of the participants of the experiment:

Most of the participants said that the emergence of the "new" parties in the mirror caused them surreal feeling - it seemed that someone else looks at them from the other side of the mirror.

This "split" about half of the participants experienced and many of them spoke about the strong emotional shock.Especially frightening participants seemed opinion that "others" looked at them.

Some have described this view as the mysterious, the other he seemed hostile.Some were told that strangers looked at them and smiled encouragingly - these people are experiencing positive emotions.

appearance of portraits of the deceased parent or the elderly or children is a sense that they are addressed to a dumb question.Fantastic creatures inspire fear and anxiety.

dynamic strain "new" entities (pulsation, resizing, the appearance of a smile or a grin) causes a feeling of helplessness and inability to influence the situation.

However, the experiment is simple, so that everyone, if desired, may experience the effect of the action of "Alien's face in the mirror."

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