Table and chair for orthopedic student: tips on choosing and reviews

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With children get older parents are faced with new challenges.And the most urgent - the school period.At this time, there are new concerns that relate to the conversion of children's rooms, supplies and, of course, special furniture.Currently, the arrangement bracket student parents emphasize.After all, the right choice will depend not only ease in the classroom, but also the health of the child.Orthopedic tables and chairs for students are the most suitable option for all specifications.By choosing such furniture, you need to consider the basic nuances: size, shape, height adjustment, and others.If with a table, everything is clear, the chair will need to acquire a detailed examination of its characteristics and design features.

orthopedic chair.How should it be?

orthopedic chair for the student must meet certain criteria:

  1. anatomical shape.It is recommended to choose a model with a specific back.Preference is given to the curved shape inwards.Such construction will maintain the correct position of the spine in the lumbar region.
  2. regulatory models.It is important that the chair was equipped with adjustment mechanism that allows to adjust the seat height and position of the backrest.This will ensure your child the most comfortable position in the classroom.
  3. quality upholstery material and the body.The main task of the parents - to surround the child friendly materials.Before buying a chair to check the quality certificate.
  4. armrests.It is recommended to abandon them altogether, because it will provoke a child to keep their hands on them, not on the table.
  5. height of the backrest.High-quality children's orthopedic chairs for the students should not be higher than the blades of the child when he is in a sitting position.
  6. Location legs.Suffice important aspect is the presence in the bottom stand of the chair.It allows you to place the baby's feet at right angles.If it is not complete, it is necessary to set an object that will perform its function.
  7. Purchase chair is made only with the child, because it is very important that he immediately checked the appropriate amenities and design features.

Benefits orthopedic chairs

Children under 6 years are quite sedentary life, so specialized furniture they do not need.However, with the beginning of the school period, it should be noted quite long, there may be some health problems, such as curvature of the spine, decreased vision.Few people think that a work desk and orthopedic chairs to this school have a direct relationship.In order to try to completely avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to correct the first days of training to equip the workplace of the child.

Why recommended orthopedic furniture models?The answer is simple.These structures are designed to meet all the anatomical features.Namely, the load on the child's spine evenly distributed, which significantly reduces the compression and deformation of the discs.Also, the correct position of the upper and lower parts of the body contributes to the normal functioning of internal organs.

functionality and design features

purchasing an orthopedic chair for the student, it is necessary to study its design features.

  1. mechanisms are responsible for the movement of the back.This system usually has three levels.Each position corresponds to a backrest, as it is governed by rigidity.Levers can be located on the right side and under the seat arrangement is changed depending on the model of a chair.
  2. system relieve the spine.Through this mechanism, the upper housing body moves together with the back left and right.
  3. corsetry support.In the area of ​​the lumbar chair has some serpentine shape, repeating the correct position of the spine.This gives a tight encirclement of the back of the child.As a result, the inner curve of the spine does not allow to take an irregular shape.


Some models are equipped with additional functions.Their presence greatly affects the cost.Therefore, buying an orthopedic chair for the student, testimonials of people who have long enjoyed these models, it is worth exploring.They point to the importance of other elements.

Consider them:

  1. mechanism regulating the armrests can not only adjust their height and width, but also completely changed the situation.
  2. headrests are used to fix the spine in the neck.
  3. corrector seat depth adjusts the shape, depending on the size of your thighs.
  4. Dampers help reduce the load on the spine to a minimum.

main selection criteria

orthopedic chair for a student must be in every way to ensure the correct position of the spine, to promote good circulation, and to be as convenient and comfortable.


  1. armrests.Many children podiatrists say that a child leaning on them, begins to slouch.Therefore, if the preference is a model, then the best choice would be a chair with a special system of adjustment of the armrests.
  2. reliability and durability of the materials from which the chair is made.On the good side proven aluminum and steel models.They have a fairly long lifetime and withstand different loads.
  3. Adjusting the height of the chair will maintain not only a healthy spine, but also good vision in children.
  4. Before buying, check the quality of the certificates in order to best protect the student from harmful substances.
  5. If the chair is equipped with roller mechanism, it is very important to have a locking device.
  6. anatomical shape of the back with inturn will remove tension from the spine, and this, in turn, will eliminate the complications that arise when formed incorrect posture.

few important tips

  • size and height of the chair should be fully consistent with the child's height and weight.
  • Comfort model is verified by direct verification.
  • Chairs for schoolboys orthopedic (photo - examples can be found in the article) must be equipped with enough stiff back.
  • child's feet under the table placed at right angles.
  • for schoolchildren preference is given to a non-rotating chairs without roller mechanisms.This will prevent their diversion and to prevent possible injury.
  • Desk must fully conform to the dimensions of the chair.

orthopedic chair for a student wooden

Enough common are wooden models of orthopedic chairs.In recent years, manufacturers have brought them almost to perfection: Set the height of the seat, not only, but also the legs.These systems allow the chairs to "grow" together with students.For their manufacturing than plywood is used as an array of natural tree species such as beech, alder, birch, pine and others.The surface is treated with special hypoallergenic wax.The housing is made of metal.The design of the chairs rugged and reliable, can withstand loads up to 65 kg.

importance orthopedic furniture student

Every parent wants his child to grow up healthy and active.And it depends from them.The first thing we must begin, is to buy the right furniture.Orthopedic chair for the student will allow to develop the correct posture and keep 100% vision.And this, in turn, will relieve the child from various complexes associated with defects in appearance.

Choosing an orthopedic chair for the student, studying the tips above, just buy the perfect model that will fit the child in all parameters and specifications.The main thing that it was convenient and comfortable to spend time activities.