Com TV.

¬ęCOM TV first information-analytical media portal of the Crimea" - the first thing that caught my eye when you click on a bright orange link.Driven by his male curiosity, I began to read further.The first thing I noticed - lack of advertising and pop-up links with blunt, dare I say it, the proposal to increase breast size by five dimensions or buy wonderful remedy for cellulite.Pleasant, very comfortable design, which is easy enough to navigate, everything is simple and clear - the site is very functional.

pleasantly surprised that in the Crimea, too, know how to deal with saitostroitel'stva and Web graphics, as well as fill the news feed that information which is relevant it is today - the contents of the site is updated every day, that is nonsense for the case, which is based almost on the enthusiasm and is not engagedhyper-active advertising.

should be noted that the resource is already cooperating with reputable sites in the blogosphere.Among them: the bad site psychologist, psychological magazine In-Site, kulturno public-Journal Art Weathervane and others.

main site content COM TV is the latest news, is not without social "peppercorn" and releases the program "Our Simferopol."As I understand it - this transfer - analytical talk show that deals with the upcoming elections and the current problems of the Crimean capital.Expecting to see brontosaurus female with glasses as a leading, I was pleasantly disappointed - lovely young girl kindly invites the viewer to talk and believe - hunting!) Our Simferopol practicing communication with community leaders and members at all levels of direct relevance to the problems of Simferopol.The guests invited to the candidates for the deputies of active public figures and just active people willing to express their opinion for a wide range of viewers.

Briefly reviewing the ten issues, make sure that each issue on the discussion and ask questions in the severity level higher than the previous.Therefore, I can say with confidence - for this transfer has a future.Team guys "behind the scenes" is chosen very professional, well done, know their business.Therefore I recommend to keep the young and often visit this resource.I think that many will be able to find for himself something interesting.I put a solid "five".