Sister Dion - the most famous identical twins

twins are identical and fraternal.Identical twins develop from a single egg.They are always of the same sex, a strikingly similar, they have the same blood, the same fingerprint, they confuse even the parents, and the dogs do not distinguish the smell.Only their organ transplants are always successful.The share identical in humans accounts for about 40% of the total number of twins.The study of identical twins throughout their lives, especially if they live in different socio-economic conditions and prirodnoklimaticheskih wondering what mental and physical differences between them are caused not by different genotypes and the influence of environmental conditions.The most famous identical twins who survived and reached adulthood, had five sisters Dion, born in Canada in 1934

Once in the small Canadian town of Callander in the editorial office of a local newspaper received a telephone call.A male voice asked hesitantly, "Excuse me, how much it will cost you an ad in the newspaper about the birth of five children?" The editor at first did not understand what was going on.He asked a few questions and numb from the tube.Having found his voice again, asked: "What are you talking about?Indeed born just five kids? "The man on the other side of the wire sadly confirmed this.It was a sensation!"If you tell the truth - shouted editor - then you it will not cost a penny.What's your name? "-" Oliver Dion, "- said the man.

began the amazing story of five young sisters.Their legs were as thin as fingers, body freely fits in the palm.The weight of each was a little more than 600, the doctor with a pipette poured them in her mouth a few drops of water with a dash of rum.The midwife was sure that newborns do not survive an hour.So she rushed down them in a basin of water, christened names: Emily Marie Cecile, Annette, Yvonne.The midwife was right: the newborn had no chance to survive.They were born in the house of a poor farmer, where there was no electricity or running water, and in a stuffy room already lived five other family members.

When the twins turned five months were all shocked by the news that their own father is going to put them up for the World's Fair in Chicago.It was then that the sisters Dion seriously address the public authorities in Canada: a special pavilion was built, which were placed five sisters.This pavilion had ten large windows and a gallery from which you can see them.The girls began to live as if in a cage.From 1935 to 1943 the gallery took more than 3 million people!There were spectators not only from Canada, the United States, but also from other countries.View was paid, fees went to the designated account in the name of five children Dion.Due to the influx of tourists grew rich city, parents also feel deprived."All the richer our daughters - a father complained about - and left us only the right to sell cards with their images ...»

children were living gold: companies producing milk, diapers, children's clothing, baby powder, toothpaste, paidhuge sums for the use of photographs of sisters Dion to advertise their products.Hollywood has made three films about them.And only a few doctors and psychologists warn that because the girls kept as small animals in a cage, they grow up unhappy, uncommunicative.

When Emily Marie Cecile, Annette, Yvonne was nine years old, the authorities decided to build in Callander another big house and put the whole family Dion.The idea of ​​living together the whole family was unsuccessful.The girls were absolutely not adapted to this.The father treated him in exasperation, even sternly, he considered himself unjustly deprived of revenue in the division.When sixteen girls, gave them to the orphanage.There they're timid, timid, unable to find contact with their peers and other children.Three years later, Emily went to the monastery, and there she stayed for long.Some years later, she began to appear seizures.One night, during an attack, Emily, deprived of medical care, died.For others, the sisters it was a terrible blow.Immediately after the death of Emily, they began to write the book "There were five", which became an indictment against not only the family, but, above all, against the authorities.

dire predictions coming true visionary people.The sisters were not adapted to a normal life: none of them had a profession, they could not find a contact with other people.Having grown up together, they could only be friends with each other.In thirty years, Marie has died.After a failed marriage, she lived alone in Montreal, where he died suddenly.Annette and Cecile also had no luck in marriage.Strongly attached to each other, they spent a lot of time talking on the phone or during mutual visits, during which wistfully reminiscing about the time when they were five.

Cecilia gave birth to twins, but one of the twins died.Three years later she was widowed.At Annette had four children.Yvonne tried to become a nun, but not uzhilas in the monastery and lived all alone.Such is the sad fate of the sisters Dion.

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