13 simple, useful and creative ideas convenient storage cosmetics

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If you ever want to restore the normal order in your cosmetics and in all kinds of beauty products, if you are thinking how to make it not only convenient, but also beautiful, our article - for you.

offer you 13 simple and easy, but useful and creative ideas for convenient storage cosmetics that not only allow you to put things in order, but also decorate your room.Read and see photo illustrations in our gallery.

So, 13 ways to keep your makeup beautiful and comfortable :

1. On vintage platter for cakes on the leg (surely there is your mother or grandmother) can be nice to place your perfume and other fragrances.

2. glass beaker filled with coffee beans , - a stylish way to keep the brush and brush for make-up (and smell good).

3. The combination of the usual palm wine bottle with several glass cups will enable you to comfortably spread out your cosmetic brushes, pencils and lipstick.

4. Special stand for magazines can serve to hold your hair iron, hair dryer and other "hot" tools.

5. For lovers of vintage and creative principle of "do it yourself" - you can beat narrow ledge to the tailpiece antique picture frame , will open the originality of "safe" for paints.

6. A very simple solution to restore order in your shadow - store them in tray for freezing ice .

7. All kinds bulky cans of biscuits - also a way to keep the nail polish!However, they will smell delicious too, even if it is good to wash the jar.

8. The metal clip can be attached to the magnetic tape on any vertical surface.

9. Small glass jars can serve as containers for cotton disks makeup remover.And if we draw on a jar of something funny, will very cute.

10. Attached to a wooden wall on the panels jars out of toothpicks perfectly preserved your cotton balls, sticks and small make-up sponge, and to use them will be easier.

11. Plastic trays for storage of forks, spoons and knives - a good way to spread your combs and cosmetics.

12. Also at your door or bathroom can be attached transparent hanging shoe covers - their pockets are perfect for storing lacquers and lip glosses.

13. Finally, near the mirror or mirrors where you usually paint and brush the hair, you can nail the small shelves for spices - they are suitable for storage of larger bottles with spray, hair lacquers, creams, lotions and other cosmetic products.

Photo source: cambio.com