Reorganization through merger.

Due to constant changes in the market is often one has to cease to exist, and the other - to adapt.One kind of "survival" is reorganized by merging.Undoubtedly, many are questioning whether or not this is the end for the company or a new, common origin.

Accessions legal entity, whether a huge corporation or equal to the company in terms of turnover, is unique.It is important to understand that in the process of restructuring the firm continues to exist and, quite possibly, may increase its working capital.Liquidation - a complete cessation of activity of the legal entity.

Although in such cases and there is no formation of a new company, nevertheless provide a thorough work with the documentation - everything must be legally validated.Only after the USRLE Enter information about joining one of the firms, the procedure can be considered completed.It should be noted that the reorganization by joining is often carried out under the supervision of the FAS, and in some cases you may be asked to get approval before you create a single company.

is important to know that the liquidation Ltd., the merger and other matters that could seriously affect the fate of the organization, only discussed at meetings of shareholders or founders.Only a unanimous decision of all members of society on the issues raised can start the beginning of the process.

If in the course of discussion, some shareholders are absent or voted against the decision made, then they have the right to demand redemption of their shares or shares of other members of society.The reorganization by joining divided into several stages, the first of which is to assess the value of the assets of the company and its assets.The next step will be the signing of the order and conditions of the merger of two or more firms.The joint-stock companies to carry out additional conversion of shares.

third stage begins after the decision and takes no more than three days.During this time, you must notify the tax, creditors and formally publish your solution in print.When the assets do not exceed 100,000 minimum wages, to send the same notification to the Antimonopoly Committee.But if the level exceeds the bar, the FAS you have to get the approval of the merger.The reorganization by merger shall be deemed terminated when all changes are documented and included in the Unified records that one of the firms to join another.

As you can see, the process is quite complex and requires not only careful consideration, but knowledge of all subtleties.Today there are many qualified firms that are willing to help you in this matter.With you and your staff will remove the burden of responsibility for the preparation of documents, organize a general meeting, will make the act of transfer, carry out an inventory and perform the remaining registration and fusion.