organize highly profitable agricultural business in Russia is quite real.This article will talk about how to build greenhouses, which crops to grow and how to organize the work into them.


Many experts agree that the greenhouse business is one of the most lucrative segment of agriculture.This market is not yet complete, so those who dare to invest in its development, they meet an obstacle in the form of fierce competition with other domestic producers.And to compete with imported vegetables and berries are not so difficult.

Before build greenhouses, it is necessary to determine the crops that you grow.It may be tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, radishes.It is also one of the areas considered to be profitable cultivation of greenery: dill, parsley, basil, lettuce, and so on.

is very important to find a suitable place.To optimize your farm spending should be close to the market, the main communication systems - sources of electricity, water and gas.In addition, pay attention to the traffic interchange.

Types farms

Depending on the size there are several types of greenhouses.So, if you want to grow vegetables in small volumes, coping with the treatment area on their own, then you will need a small area, suitable even your infield.It will be possible to install 2-3 buildings.It will be a little hothouse.To make out a utility production as entrepreneurship optional, even if you plan to sell surplus products.

If you have an average household, it is necessary to issue such a business in the local tax office.This is necessary even in those cases, if you cope on their own, but to make enough products to sell.

Large greenhouses Russia occupy large areas.They can be processed only with the involvement of employees.Owners of these farms must obtain self-employment or to register another form of doing business, such as a limited liability company.

search options

If you have decided on the location of the greenhouses and the fact that it will grow, it is possible to start the construction works themselves.So, you can buy or make your own.At the same time note that the film greenhouses are not able to provide the optimum temperature and humidity needed for crops during cold periods.The best option is the construction of polycarbonate or glass.It is understood that the purchase of finished greenhouses cost more than its self-construction.

But it is important to know that the film versions are the cheapest, they are safe, they are easily removed if necessary.Glass is well miss the sun's rays.This material adds strength to the structure itself.But he is not reliable, it is easy to break.Polycarbonate is strong, well lets sunlight.Greenhouses made of this material can be operated year-round, but their erection requires a foundation.

Project preparation

One of the stages of development of any business is to create a business plan.Project hothouse should include information about its location, transportation, types of crops, potential sales markets, competitors.In addition, the plan must be calculated all potential revenues and costs, are considered possible contingencies.Also, it is important to immediately calculate how much it will cost the construction of greenhouses, as it will be fed water as their heat and light.Also in the expenditure side need to include all the costs of equipment, seed or seedling, a means to control weeds and pests, fertilizers.If you plan to attract employees, and the need to calculate their wages.We should think about transport costs.

After calculating the potential expenses you can begin to identify possible revenue.You need to know the potential yield of crops that you plan to grow, and prices paid to them.It is better to immediately make a few variants of calculation, one can not hope for maximum yield in the first year of business.Properly drawn up a plan of hothouse will help to optimize the costs and estimate revenues.With the right approach to the business organization investments pay off in less than 2 years.


Particular attention should be paid to the place where they will be in your greenhouse.To address the need to not only transport interchange and its proximity to markets.It is important to assess the land on which you plan to place greenhouses.If they heat a little during the spring floods, it automatically becomes unusable.You should also avoid areas where they can go on for a long time frozen.These include deep valleys and ravines.It is not necessary to place the greenhouse and in the hills.

Attention should be paid to the possibility of summing Communications.To this end, it is desirable to visit the electricity, water and gas supplying company estimates the cost of connection.Before the construction of greenhouses, it is desirable to check the quality of water supplied.If it would be bad, you will need additional equipment for the greenhouses that will clean it.Watering is desirable to use only the water which contains the permissible amount of iron salts, the normal pH level, no microbial spoilage.

Equipment required

development of greenhouse agriculture requires a fairly large investment at the start.This not only erection of structures themselves.It is important to approach the arrangement of greenhouses.So, first of all it is necessary to organize heating.This point is especially important if you plan to install permanent structure in which vegetables are grown all year round.It is also necessary to pay attention to watering.Ideally for the greenhouse area of ​​over 100 square meters.m is desirable to arrange drip irrigation.Do not forget that during the winter days are much shorter, so you have to provide additional electric lighting.

have to spend on inventory.Buy will have tools for tillage, carts, buckets, sprayers and other equipment for greenhouses.


If you have no experience in agricultural business, then you will be difficult to estimate how many people may need.Of course, you will not need one if you erect a small building on the site.If your complex will include greenhouses area of ​​several hectares, about the selection of the best people to take care in advance.It should be borne in mind that the required number of personnel depends on the types of crops.For example, 1 person in growing tomatoes can cater for 0.3 hectares, and the cultivation of cucumbers - 0.2 hectares.


Before starting your business, you must look at the most lucrative greenhouses Russia.Ideally, to get the maximum income you need to collect a few harvests a year.This can be done only in the case if you just spend on the construction of capital facilities.In this case, grow vegetables in a greenhouse can be both summer and winter.However, in the cold season will have an additional heat the room, and in the warm - to provide a maximum flow of air from the outside.For these purposes it is desirable to do with the greenhouse windows that can be opened.

But buildings nestled film, can be used from February-March to November.During the winter frost, they are not able to protect the plant.

nuances of doing business

Before starting work, you must decide how exactly you grow your chosen culture.So, now in advanced hydroponic farming uses modern technology.This allows to obtain maximum yields.This technology hothouse aims to create an ideal environment for plants, accelerate their growth and get better quality products.

But the cultivation of vegetable crops on conventional soils is more time-consuming task.In addition, the hydroponic technology provides a more efficient use of water and nutrients needed by plants.

alternative business

Most people deciding to take up farming, only think about food.But the cultivation of vegetables or even fruit for many is not an accomplishment.Some think that, for some purposes, you can still use greenhouses.Flowers are one of the alternatives.They are in demand throughout the year.

In developed countries know that the creation of flower greenhouses - is one of the most profitable projects.It is possible to breed roses, tulips.And you can choose a slightly different orientation.Equally lucrative is the cultivation of indoor plants in pots and their subsequent sale.It can be violets, orchids, various palm trees, citrus trees.