Breed chickens Australorp: description and photo.

breed chickens Australorp refers to the universal.From birds of this breed can expect a high meat yield and excellent egg.

Australian breeders used in breeding egg laying breeds of chickens.Thus it was significantly improved user qualities of the breed.


Australorp - meat and egg breeds of chickens.The history of its origin began in 1890 with the importation into Australia of black British Orpington.They are engaged in breeding, William Cook in Kent.

The country got a wonderful breed with the highest genetic potential.It was collected genes of Cochin China, black Plymouth Rock, Minorca.

main challenge for breeders has been a significant increase in productivity of eggs from a hen.For this purpose such recognized breed egg-laying hens as langshan and White Leghorn.This introduction of fresh blood has allowed several reduce the splendor of plumage and slightly lower body weight birds.

They have achieved this goal - breed chickens Australorp shocked the world record egg production.The average for the year is laying 309 eggs under natural conditions of detention (without artificial increase of daylight and different dressings).

Already in 1921, the British recognized the breed standard for the Australian Black Universal Orpington.But poultry Australia offered his own version - avstrals.Later came the addition of "-orp", which made the final official name of the breed - Australorp.

In 1929 the breed was recognized in the Americas.Currently fanciers Australorp Black joined in clubs all over the world - Australia, USA, Germany.

Australorp black

bird calm but mobile.Complete with a massive body, mid stocky chicken.Luxury plumage, only black, down a dark skin - white.

head is a small bird with a leaf-shaped 5-toothed comb, short black beak.Eyes are brown, red earlobes.Neck with a rich feathering of medium length.

breed chickens Australorp black carcass made different and excellent taste of meat.Birds convex broad chest, round solid body, wide long back.The tail does not differ splendor, with respect to the back line has a slope in the 450 feet thick, short, dark color.

What features are chickens?Australorp-kids stand lively temperament, high energy growth and good health, survival of young animals up to 99%.Live weight of males to eight months may reach nearly 4 kg.

for the proper development of the bird, growing without walking, recommend giving fish oil at the rate of 0.1 grams per chick (with five days old).It is useful to enter into the diet (the tenth day), wheat bran, vegetables, ground beef, fish (without bones), cereal grain.

breed chickens Australorp refers to early ripening.Chickens are beginning to have carried 135 day life and in the first year provide an average of 200 eggs.From the second year of life, egg production begins to decline.

Australorp marble (black pied)

If the breed of black-motley Australorp the main emphasis is on reducing the age of puberty, and the birds to increase the mass of eggs.

Australorp black-mottled or marble (left) launched the All-Union Institute of breeding of farm animals.Served as the basis for the descendants of the original breed chickens (Black Australorp), which poured blood intramuscularly striped Plymouth Rock.The peculiarity of the breed - its resistance to pullorozu.Main feathers - black with a slight depigmentation, which gives a bird variegated color.

The breed is considered to be an egg.Its representatives somewhat less initial breed birds.Youngsters aged up to 150 days of live weight of 1.3 kg, adult roosters - 2.6 kg, the chickens - 2.2 kg.

Puberty bird comes in 5.5 months.In cream egg shell color.Egg production - 220 pieces per year, with 55 grams of egg weight.

Chickens perfectly suited for cellular and group housing.Valued primarily as carriers of the gene «st» - this is a recessive gene responsible for lightening the color cover and improves the presentation of the carcass.

addition of black and white Australorp there are white and blue.We assume a yellowish tint of white feathers on the neck, eyes and reddish dark blue metatarsal.Australorp blue plumage has a gentle gray-blue color.The plumage of hens - with a black border, at the border on the males have breasts.Both subspecies are smaller black Australorp, egg weight - 55 grams.


Australorp black Description:

  • egg production - 220 pieces;
  • egg weight - 62 grams;
  • color eggs - brown;
  • weight hens -2.8 kg;
  • weight cocks -3.8 kg;
  • crest - a five-leaf-shaped teeth;
  • safety of the young - an average of 95%;
  • temperament - balanced;
  • plumage color - black with greenish tint;
  • productivity - meat and egg.

Inadmissible defects include:

  • narrow and short body;
  • too long pointed tail;
  • narrow and long teeth on the crest;
  • clarified metatarsal;
  • yellow soles;
  • purple or bronze color of feathers;
  • brown feathers;
  • red or light eyes;
  • presence of white plaque on the lobes.

Care and maintenance

Australorp black - breed chickens, does not require special conditions of detention.An important factor is zero temperature in the chicken coop.When floor maintenance is the best litter peat.It absorbs moisture, not allowing pathogens to proliferate.Timely replacement of litter to avoid disease.

to prevent parasitic infestations need to provide an opportunity to take the chickens "bath" of a mixture of ash and dry sand.

Breed Australorp black is used for mating, this increases egg production in hybrid layers.

The bird food is no different from the other chickens.Adults should receive a balanced diet with all the nutrients.In the summer, introduced green grass in autumn - fruits and vegetables.In the winter, added (as a source of calcium) eggshells.To normalize digestion - coarse sand and fine gravel.

Benefits The advantages of this breed include:

  • calm and balanced character, the birds get along well with other pets and never provoke conflict situations;
  • rapid adaptation to the conditions of detention;
  • the use of the breed as the improver to increase egg production of hybrids;
  • chickens do not cease to be carried in the winter period;
  • high egg production combined with excellent meat qualities of the breed.

Rooster - breed characteristics

In describing cock breed are the following symptoms:

  • head .Wide, low, medium size, in proportion to rounded.Average beak, strong, black.Eyes are brown, are alive.Comb average, erect, simple uniform with five teeth.It is not adjacent to the neck, although it continues line."Person" is smooth, red and rough skin.Middle lobe, red, oblong.
  • Neck .Just over a medium length, volume mane falling down on his back.
  • Chest .Obviously protruding, convex, well-rounded, deep and wide.
  • Back .Shoulder yes waist - equally broad.Lumbar plumage - plenty long and wide feathers.
  • Belly - rounded, wide, full.
  • Tail .Opened quite long, wide at the base.
  • Wings .Snug to the body.
  • Body .It planted almost horizontally long.
  • Shin .Strong, wide apart.
  • Hocks .Widely set, dark, smooth, medium length.Nails light, soles of the feet white or light pink.
  • Plumage .Snug, deep black with a clear green tint, down dark skin white.

hen - breed characteristics

Chickens have similar signs, except those that are responsible for sexual differentiation.Comb their lower body slightly longer.Very well defined stomach.Bird with proper care looks strong, well-fed.

Universal productivity makes justified the choice for breeding in the private sector Australorp chicken breed.Reviews happy owners of birds confirms the relevance of the use of the breed.