Potato harvesters.

The potato is the most popular crop.The process of harvesting it has its technological complexity, which can be eliminated through the use of special equipment - potato harvester.Modern agriculture can not do without this machine, which saves not only labor, but also time.

What potato harvesters?

This agricultural machine designed for harvesting potatoes.Some models may have additional tools allowing to pick onions and beets from the roll.

Potato harvesters are designed to obtain the maximum yield with minimum damage to the soil and adjacent areas with other crops.These machines are highly manoeuvrable and can be easily deployed in the toughest environments and small areas.

All modern models of combines have side podkapyvaniya type.This means that the tractor is moving away from the ridge, rather than behind or in front of it.This allows the use of large tires for the wheels and consequently, reduce the pressure on the ground.

The principle of

potato harvester machine is equipped with special digs device that consists of two blades with adjustable angle, adjust video depth, spring loaded cutoff disks and rollers to remove the tops.During operation of this device digs a certain depth of the soil layer with tubers and tops and supplies it to the sieving machine.Then, the tubers with the tops and sifted soil residues fed to the transfer belt.Around this mechanism is the tape to remove the tops with large cells and 5-6 rows of combs for cutting away the leaves, soil and stones.

After all these steps potatoes with rotating rubber "fingers" and the holding roller is directed to a sorting panel and tape to remove small potatoes and waste.Screening panel is in a horizontal position.It is well protected from dust and provide a comfortable environment for workers.Work may be from 5 to 7 people on two sides.

After sorting potatoes forwarded by taping to unload in a special tank with a movable bottom.Adjusting the height of the bottom, it is possible to reduce the fall height of tubers, and therefore reduce their damage.Also makes it possible to unload the tank production from both sides.For small size tuber potato harvesters have a small hopper with the possibility of unloading.

Possible options

Potato harvesters can have those options:

  1. mechanism for the collection of onion and beetroot.
  2. sunshield.
  3. Funnel for unloading products.

Types potato harvesters Potato

All machines are classified according to the following parameters:

  1. The size of the treated field: harvesters for large, large and medium, medium and small areas.
  2. in capacity hopper: the machine with a two-ton, three-ton bunker and so on. D.
  3. By design: elevator and hopper.
  4. According to the method of attachment: trailed, semi-mounted, hinged.
  5. by the number of concurrent series: single row, double row, four-row harvesters.
  6. By way of digging the soil: combines central and lateral digging.

most popular in Russia is considered single-row potato harvester.This machine is ideal for treating small areas, since the volume of its silo at the different models of up to 10 tons. If the harvest more, much more efficient use of processor type of elevator.Much less frequently used four-row machine.Basically, this type of harvester is used in potato-growing farms.

Besides the technical characteristics, the majority of farmers are paying attention to the qualitative performance of the combine.In most cases, agricultural harvesters using lateral digging that much less injure tubers.The fact that such a machine unit is on the side of the tractor, which travels on the already harvested area.Also, this type combine different top quality potato processing and greater productivity.

How to choose a processor?

Buying potato harvester, be sure to consider the size of the treated field.Use the machine can be both small and large areas.But large volumes of processed products need a more powerful processor with the best specifications.

When choosing a potato harvester is necessary to pay attention to the following main parameters:

  • measure performance;
  • stages of harvesting potatoes;
  • way to download tubers harvester;
  • presence of the engine;
  • type of construction of the separating mechanism;
  • class stiffness parts for the removal of soil from the crop.

Modern manufacturers of agricultural machinery potato harvesters produce different models and modifications.They differ in the type of attachment method of soil treatment and other options.Therefore, the buyer can choose the best type of machine that will effectively, reliably and economically to harvest.

main manufacturers

modern market represented a large number of farming machines of different modifications.In our time among Russian farmers is the most popular potato harvester Grimme harvester and Dutch-Russian company "Kolnag."Until recently, Russia also produces potato units of the company "Agrotehresurs."But now, the company only produces the model CPC-2-01 and a number of previously manufactured parts for harvester types.

best reputation in the market of agricultural machinery earned potato harvester Grimme.He proved to be excellent in the industrial cultivation of potatoes.In addition, the manufacturer produces machines of different types of bunker, elevator, self-propelled harvesters, side and central undermining.Large assortment of potato units allows you to select the machine for any type of soil.Important advantages harvesters Grimme - high quality of work and excellent performance characteristics.

Domestic appliances

Many farmers prefer potato harvesters in Russia.Although foreign units have better functional characteristics and greater comfort for the operator, they are less prepared to work with the Russian soil.Among domestic models most commonly used machine PDA.Potato harvester of this type is available now "Ryazselmash" since 1987.First plant was producing three-row unit.And after some time managed to launch production of two-row harvester, which is available to this day.

unit cost of potato

There are many factors that determine how many eventually will cost the potato harvester.The price of this unit today ranges from 850 thousand. Up to 20 million rubles.Most affordable combines domestic production.And for the European potato multifunctional machines will have to pay a little more.Among the type of trailer combines the most expensive segment of the market is represented by units of the company Grimme.

In general, the cost of the combine influences levels of performance, size, type of equipment (self-propelled or trailed machine), the kind of digging, the number of harvested rows, cleaning quality tubers and other parameters.If the processor is planned to be used over large areas, then it is better to choose a more powerful machine with a large hopper.And for treatment of minor areas the best option is a mini potato harvester, the average cost of which is 850 thousand. Rubles.