Bantam Chicken (photo).

Chicken Bantam was brought to Russia from Japan.For the first time described the bird in 1645.How exactly this breed was bred - it is unknown.Perhaps sometime in the Asian chickens produced artificial selection.But some researchers believe that the Bantam - an independent group which has occurred not from poultry, and from the wild.It refers to this breed decorative, but also the productivity of different good.There are several varieties bentamok.The most popular are chintz and Altai.Chickens and roosters of this breed, among other things, can become a real decoration of the yard.

Calico Bantam

birds of this species have a very small size and bright motley (white with black on a brown background) colors.Calico Bantam - chicken, to features which include:

  • small head with a small beak;
  • sheet-like ridge, the males have a very bright;
  • dense plumage;
  • wide long wings on the ground;
  • neoperennye short legs;
  • elevated body;
  • long flight and tail feathers.

Bantam Hen (photos of these birds can be seen on the page) - simply delicious beautiful breed.Pure bright mottled coloring can make it a real pride of the owners and the envy of its neighbors.

Militant baby

Bantam - the most numerous and widespread breed ornamental chickens.This calico variety found on farmsteads privateers often.Males of this species, despite the tiny size, very warlike and active.His chickens and they protect the nest just dedication.These colorful baby, no doubt, can come to grips with the cock of a much larger breed or even turkey.In general, the bird is a very active and courageous.In addition, males calico bentamok also sing very beautifully.Voice calls and have fun - like a bell.

Natural instincts are very well preserved and Bantam chickens.Mothers are just wonderful.After the hen of this breed will carry at least 25 eggs, if you do not take appropriate measures, it is required to sit on them.Very often bentamok used as live "incubator."For removing chicks from hens larger breeds, wholly or partially lost their brooding instinct, they fit just perfectly.

Features bentamok

Males of this species can reach a weight of 0.7-0.9 kg, chicken - 0.5 kg.In the year one laying hen lays 90-130 eggs.The shells have a white or cream.Weight - about '45 Quite a number of eggs can be obtained only if the owners will take their time.If the chicken starts to hatch chicks, more productive in this regard should not wait.Taste qualities in eggs bentamok just fine.Yolk them - particularly when the content of free-range chickens - has an intense yellow color.Many poultry farmers believe that the Bantam are the most delicious of all the birds eggs.

As already mentioned, the chicken Bantam - hen chicken is very good.Hatched chicks of this species a day earlier than the usual large chickens.Hen raise them up to a month.Then it begins again to be carried.If two individuals will bring chickens simultaneously or with a difference of a few days, charging educate all kids trust usually only one, the most caring and calm.The second chicken in this case, begins to bear about two weeks.

calico bentamok to features, in addition to excellent maternal qualities can be attributed to good health that some unusual decorative birds.These hens live much longer than normal.In any event, 5 years for them - it is not old.Despite the fact that the productivity of a large breed chickens Bantam inferior, many farmers believe their content sufficiently profitable occupation.The fact that these birds eat a lot less than other domestic birds.For example, for a Bantam require 10 times less food than the broiler chicken.

How to care

Often bentamok contain free-range.In the garden the chicken can destroy a huge number of different kinds of small pest: the larvae, beetles, worms.Feed with this method of content on bentamok have to spend very little.The only disadvantage of free range is that this breed hens chicks begin output in secluded places.Find the nest on a large garden or yard can be very difficult.To detect it, the bird has to watch for a long time.Everything else, Bantam - chicken, often greatly overestimate their capabilities.Sometimes hen chicks are trying to bring a very large number of eggs (up to 25).In this case, heat at nasizhivanii distributed unevenly, resulting in the death of the embryos.Experienced farmers are advised to leave by Bantam not more than 10-11 eggs.As already mentioned, these chickens can be used to breed chickens larger breeds.In this case, a single hen enclose no more than 5 eggs.Bantam reach sexual maturity at about 6 months.

What should be shed

Bantam - chicken, among other things, more good and able to fly.So often this bird bred in closed (including the above) enclosures.In this case, the paddock is arranged on the south side of the barn.In the adjacent wall should be cut through a manhole.Shed for bentamok fits exactly the same as for any other chickens.The only thing - nests and perches in it must be placed a little lower than usual.Heated aviary in the winter is not necessary.But the warm walls of the barn still need.If the air temperature in the barn will drop below zero, carried Bantam stop.

Of course, the house should be set drinkers and feeders.Also in the shed and aviary placed containers with small pebbles and shells.Bantam Chickens breed calico will peck them for grinding food in the crop.

Feeding chickens

bentamok Fledglings hatch little yellow or cream.On the back of chickens are usually pale, dark spots or discontinuous strips.The survival rate of the brood of hens of this breed is 93%.They feed the chicks first three days of cottage cheese and chopped egg.Later begin to millet, and two weeks later - wheat.Caring for a brood chicken Bantam (photo tsyplyatok can be seen below) is very good.Attacks a bird of this species is not seen.

How to choose manufacturers

on autumn Tribe selected the most healthy and active birds with thick plumage and a strong constitution.Comb and males, and females should be smooth, without breaks and other defects.Bright yellow feet are considered more preferable than pale.When choosing a breed of bantam chickens calico also takes into account the number of laid by the special eggs.With regard to size, some owners left for breeding bird bigger.Others pay more attention to the decorative qualities, prefer to seed the smallest hens and cockerels.

Bantam Altai

This variety of dwarf chickens were bred in the 70-80s of last century in our country.Unlike calico, Altai Bantam hen bred usually only as a decorative.The main distinctive features of birds of this species include:

  • short stocky body;
  • Upland;
  • his head thrown back;
  • convex chest;
  • little horny beak color;
  • the sheet, folded and slightly tilted toward the ridge;
  • red face and a curved back of the neck;
  • small round red earrings;
  • well defined lateral tail;
  • a small tuft of hair;
  • feathered legs;
  • reach the tail feathers mane;
  • developed stomach and short long back.

color plumage Altai Bantam be chintz, nut or fawn.

Invalid disadvantages exterior

Dilution rejection subject to Altai Bantam:

  • very high figure;
  • rare and narrow tail;
  • poorly feathered legs;
  • lack of "hawk" shred on the tibia;
  • lack tuft.

Features breed

In one year Altai Bantam hen can lay up to 80 eggs.The shell they are usually white or cream-colored.Weight of eggs is about 40-50 g Like calico, Altai Bantam very well kept brooding instinct.This breed chickens are born active and viable.

Keep Altai Bantam can be just like the cotton, that is, free-range or cage.In the first method for feeding grain consumption is significantly reduced.

Barnaul Bantam

have Altai breed there is another kind.Barnaul Bantam chicken is very similar to it, but everything else has also beard with tanks.It features the crest and the two species.In the Altai it is sheet-Bantam, from Barnaul - rozovidny.Last kind of somewhat more adapted to harsh climatic conditions.Therefore Siberian poultry farmers often prefer Bantam Barnaul Altai.In any case, this breed is incredibly spectacular and certainly deserve attention.Weight Barnaul cock can reach 900 g chicken - 600

Useful tips

Content dwarf chickens involves not only regular feeding and equipping of comfortable house.In order to maintain the quality of ornamental birds, you need to take certain measures:

  • in the chicken coop should be dry and clean.The floor in the house can be filled with a mixture of bitumen and gravel.Top usually make a bed of sawdust, peat or dry leaves.
  • special vitamins and supplements - that's what must receive Bantam breed chickens.On the species of this bird, but rather about how to feed her, we talked about above.As for supplements, you can, for example, giving it the same chicken "Ryabushko."This will increase egg production.

Other species bentamok

Breed Bantam chickens Altai and calico - are not the only representatives of this group of ornamental birds.Their species exists a huge amount.Apart from calico and Altai in backyards divorce, for example, Bantam:

  • Beijing.This little hen, in appearance resembling Kohinhina.
  • Nanking.This is an ancient breed bentamok.The plumage of these chickens may be different.But the more common orange individuals.
  • Japanese.The smallest Bantam.A distinctive feature is their wide and long wings.

addition, there Bantam fighting, Seabright, walnut, black and white, and so on. D. All varieties of hens of this breed differ unpretentious, vitality and a luxurious appearance.