The happiness of man is programmed in its genes?

Ā«Happiness can not be bought at any price", - says the proverb."But it is possible to inherit from their parents" - say US researchers.According to them, a person's happiness is programmed into his genes, but a lot of it goes, and the other quite a bit.Comment on this situation asked the doctor of medical sciences Yuri Soloveykina.

- Yury, and as American scientists have come to this, frankly, sensational conclusion?

- Psychologist Ken Sheldon of the University of Missouri and the University of California Sonia Lubomirski long suspected that not only our diseases, habits, the tendency to be overweight or thinness are transmitted genetically.If there is a gene of obesity, why not be the happiness gene?- They asked the question to themselves and began to look for an answer.Restless researchers conducted an experiment.We recruited a group of volunteers from among the students and asked them for a month to record all the events of his life in two columns.In the left - those that cause them positive em

otions.In the right - negative.In addition, the students had to exhaustively describe how they struggled with melancholy and sadness, what to do to lift itself from the clutches of boredom.

- And what conclusion was made by scientists from these "works"?

- very interesting.It turned out that the good things in experimental act almost identically: inspiring, inspirational, gave joy and confidence.But unhappiness every student experienced in their own way.Someone filled up session, sad couple of days or even a couple of hours.But there were also those who, because of this fact fell into a real depression and could not cope with the problem without the help of a psychologist.

- of course, because everyone is different.Was brought up in different ways and in different families ...

- Right.Here Lubomirski and Sheldon and concluded that approximately 50% of our happiness depends on education, the events that had filled our life (someone has experienced three deaths of loved ones, and some audio) and the actions that we are taking(someone knows how to cheer yourself up, and some do not).The remaining 50% can be attributed to genetics.

- But where is it stored happiness gene?What chromosome is responsible for it?

- Scientists believe that the seventeenth.After all, there is the gene 5-HTTLPR.It is responsible for the delivery of serotonin into nerve cells.

- the hormone of joy?

- Absolutely.This supplier of good mood helps cells communicate with each other and ensures the normal functioning of the nervous system in general.And the lack of it, alas, drives a person into depression and despondency, makes us sad to look at the world, to mourn his unfortunate fate and blame everyone and everything.

- And other scientists agree with the conclusions of the Lubomirski and Sheldon?

- It is.Moreover, the British scientists, intrigued by the findings of our American colleagues, have taken the trouble to analyze the genetic code of 2,000 people.The results were very interesting.It turned out that the gene 5-HTTLPR, which we inherit from our parents, has several variants (alleles).One gets from his father short - short of the mother.Another - long from his father - long from the mother.Third - the longest of the mother - his father is short or vice versa.

- What does that mean?On that affect these same alleles?

- our sense of happiness or unhappiness!40% of the holders of long alleles were completely satisfied with their lives, another 30% simply satisfied.Total - 70%.But among the holders of short alleles were satisfied with their situation only 15% of people.

- So, we are doing just happy long alleles?

- You could say that.Just different alleles of the gene are working with different force.When the long allele of the gene is working intensively, delivering greater serotonin and giving us more happiness.

- It turns out that if a person has inherited the short - short combination, it will be all my life miserable?

- You forget that the gene of happiness only 50% impact on our emotional state.The rest we form ourselves under the influence of a life lived.I do not just have to watch people whom nature has given a fairly gloomy character.But they worked hard and are 10-15 years turns into a merry and optimistic.What am I?Yes, the fact that each of us can control your mood.Even if Mom and Dad do not grant you the right combination of genes, do not despair, and work on yourself.

- What?What can be done if people feel miserable if he alleles with no luck?

- To begin to understand what the event or phenomenon makes you happy and how often they happen in your life.After all, the frequency of the happiest moments of responsible genes and they produce active substances (including serotonin).They help to look at the world with optimism even when small troubles occur.Imagine a situation - a young girl threw a guy.How he would react to her lady, who went to a happy long alleles of the gene?She mourn a bit, then goes with her friends in the club, have fun with all the heart, drink champagne and say, "Hooray, I'm free.And that means - open for new acquaintances.I'll find a guy better and more reliable. "

- Apparently, the young lady with short alleles for two weeks plunge into depression.Will spend hours lying on the couch, crying and feeling sorry for yourself?

- That's right.And it is in the best case.After all, people whose body does not produce enough serotonin tend to perceive the slightest failure as a failure of a lifetime.They do not stress, and to achieve and little pleasures they perceive as an accident, so encourage them to victory only for a short period of time.That is why they are more prone to depression, as well as various kinds of addiction - alcoholism, shopogolizm, gambling, drug addiction.These alternatives happiness they seek salvation from all his troubles.

- What advice would you give these people?

- Most advice is as old as the world: in the morning force yourself to smile, after a while it becomes a habit.Tune in to the optimism, often think of the good, appreciate what you have, do not compare yourself with others, do not envy.Set a goal and achieve it.Spend more time on their hobbies, indulge yourself.


Twins in 99% of cases are equally perceive the world and equally happy or, on the contrary, unhappy.And here at the twins, who, unlike the Twins a different set of chromosomes, no such relationship exists.Each of them is happy in his own way.

level of happiness, scientists believe, depends not only on genes but also on age.Oddly enough, but the older a person is, the happier he is.In 40 years, men and women feel the least happy.In 46 years, the degree of life satisfaction increases and reaches its peak in 70 years.And the happiest age - 74 years.

Sergei Borodin

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