Gifts for baby

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the question "What is to give your child?", Many did not hesitate to answer: "a toy".Indeed, a toy - it is the main symbol of childhood.This game contributes to their kids.However, kids grow fast, and soon one game it is not enough - they have other interests appear, there is a need for training.Accordingly, the changes and their relationship to the present.

Consequently, the choice of children's gifts should depend primarily on the age of the child.What will please the four-year kid, grudnichka indifferent, and the first-grader and does can upset.All children's gifts can be divided into four categories, depending on the age at which they are designed.

Gifts for newborns

When the child is very small, usually give gifts to his parents, because the baby up to six months is unlikely to be able to assess the show.But parents will be happy grudnichka useful gifts.

first thing that comes to mind - a pot, a bottle warmer, a set of dummy package with rattles, etc.However, it is likely that these ideas will be visited and other donors.As a result, the baby's dowry can be extended five-pot, three walkers and hundreds of rattles.It is better to give something banal, but really need - and right in large quantities.For example, diapers in the first six months does not happen much.As well as wet wipes, baby powder detergent, bathing accessories and many other necessary things.

blankets, pillows, stroller, bag-kangaroos and numerous rattles parents usually buy themselves even before the baby.To surprise and please young parents should look for something original, not included in the list of compulsory acquisition for the newborn.For example, children's walkie-talkie or unusual developmental toy.

kid older than six months need to give something that will please his name, and not the parents.Kids love all the bright, colorful and noisy.Toddler enjoy a variety of musical toys and colorful book, baby.Even if a child has a thousand toys and books, it is not necessary to deprive him of joy.The kid does not care what his toys - in any case he will be sincerely happy present.But for that we bestow the children!

Gifts for preschoolers

Children older than two years, decided to make gifts, they say, "for growth."To argue in this way: toys and books - this is everyday and give you need something more substantial - something that the child will use when it becomes older and able to appreciate the gift.For example, baby, barely reach the table, give a two-wheeled bicycle, on which he will be able to sit down, not earlier than three years.A child can not be happy, "advance", so a gift "for growth" does not bring him much joy.Let the gift will be simple but fit the baby today, not tomorrow.Such a present will cause a child's those emotions that make a magical world of childhood and bright.

younger preschoolers usually give toys, educational and learning games (including the desktop), coloring kits, pencils, crayons and cartoons.Of course, it's corny, but you can beat any idea.Instead, the album with pencils presented a beautiful baby backpack filled with drawing accessories (pencils, markers, crayons, paints, brushes, erasers, sharpeners, templates).You can buy ready-made kit or create it yourself.Instead of buying the usual puzzles make individual orders for puzzles for baby photos or pet.Instead of boring plastic or soft toys buy eco-friendly wood.

There is one caveat: the youngest preschooler can not assess the real value of a present.The more objects in the present - the more it is perceived.Therefore, instead of one very expensive gizmos you can buy a lot of toys, the average in both size and price.A huge box with different toys bring baby more joy than one expensive thing, which may lean parents and playing is not allowed.

child 4-7 years is necessary to give something that corresponds to their interests.At this age, the baby appear hobbies - he takes an interest in sports, collecting dolls and model cars, engaged in painting or music, learn the computer.Give the child something that will help him to succeed in the activities that he is interested in.

Do not forget about such gifts as tickets to the circus, theater, water park, or a dolphinarium.

Gifts for younger students

leading activity becomes a study, so the toy gift may even offend a schoolboy.It is better to give something useful for the study: the encyclopedia, bright and stylish school supplies, teaching software, as well as accessories and gadgets necessary for a more comfortable working at a computer.

Gifts for Teens Teens

capricious and demanding.They pay particular attention to the cost of receiving gifts, so they should give a relatively expensive items.According to statistics, today's teenage girls want to receive as a present mobile phones, perfumes, toiletries, fashion accessories, jewelry, fashion swimwear, etc.Teenage boys are waiting for a present cell phone, MP-3 player, USB flash drive, computer gadgets, skateboard, bike speed, good leather ball.

Teenagers nicely as expensive things, and accessories.So, instead of a new mobile phone can give a teenager a stylish carrying case or bag for your old phone.

There is one universal rule regarding the choice of a gift for a child of any age.We all come from childhood - and even though it has long been over, in memory we have preserved images of the dear things, especially those that we wanted to have.Often, choosing a baby gift, adult subconsciously trying to realize their own desires.However, you need to give your child that it will please him, and not adults who are close to him!

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