How to cook cocoa from cocoa powder.

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Do you know how to cook cocoa from cocoa powder?If you do not possess this information, you will be very interesting material in this article.You will also learn about the purposes for which you can still use that product, in addition to preparing delicious and sweet drink.

Product Overview

Before I tell you about how to cook cocoa from cocoa powder, should be told that a given product.

Cocoa powder - is dried and then crushed cocoa cake.The last remains of chocolate liquor after strong pomace oil going to the production of the classic solid chocolate.This powder serves as an excellent basis for a variety of beverages, including hot chocolate.

cost of this product may be different.It depends on the place of production, the main raw material, manufacturer, and others.

Details on how to prepare a cocoa from cocoa powder

way of cooking delicious chocolate drink, there are many.We will present you a classic versions that have the power to implement even a teenager.

So, before you cook cocoa from cocoa powder, it is necessary to take the following:

  • white sugar - half dessert spoons (can be a little more or less to taste);
  • average fat whole milk - about 350 g;
  • powder - 2 or 3 dessert spoons (to taste).

cooking process

How to cook cocoa from cocoa powder?Photos of this delicious beverage is presented in this article.To make it, you can use the coffee Turk or an ordinary bowl with handle.It was poured whole milk medium oil, and then added and a white powder sugar.All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed a large spoon, then put on low heat.

slowly warming foods are making their boiling.In this state, the chocolate drink is brewed about 2-3 minutes, and then remove from heat.

As served to the table?

After boiling milk it is filtered through a fine sieve (if necessary) and pour into a deep dish.Serve this drink is only hot with a bun or croissant.If necessary, add a little more sugar or sweet marshmallow.

How to make cocoa powder, cocoa without milk?

Few people know, but the chocolate drink can be prepared without the use of milk.As a rule, this recipe is used only by those people who are allergic to lactose.

So, for the preparation of delicious drinks we need:

  • white sugar - half dessert spoon;
  • ordinary drinking water - 350 g;
  • powder - 2 or 3 dessert spoons (to taste).

method for preparing

learn how to cook the cocoa from cocoa powder with water, few know.After all, most of us are accustomed to make the chocolate drink with milk.But if you do not carry this product, we recommend that you use this recipe.

principle of the preparation of cocoa-drink water is practically no different from the principle of the creation of a beverage with milk.However, it should be noted that cocoa is cooking on the stove is not necessary, because the fine powder is dissolved in a conventional boiling water.

Since cook cocoa powder, or rather drink from it?To do this in a metal bowl placed normal drinking water and put it on the fire.The liquid on the plate hold up as long as it will not be much to boil.Meanwhile, taking a deep cup and mixed therein loose ingredients such as sugar and cocoa powder.Then they poured boiling water and stirred vigorously with a spoon.As a result of these actions get a fairly strong chocolate drink with an unbeatable flavor.

As served to the table?

If you prepare chocolate drink has been used off-quality powder, then it may be left an unpleasant aftertaste.To get rid of him, ready to drain recommends cocoa through a very fine sieve.After that hot drink can safely present households with a bun, bun or croissant.

What drink tastes better?

Surely no one would argue with the fact that the chocolate beverage made with milk, is a much tastier and more saturated than the one which was used for ordinary drinking water.By the way, some fans of cocoa make it in a combined form.In other words, not the powder are dissolved in water or, alternatively, in milk and in both fluids simultaneously.This drink turns out very tasty and healthy.

What else can I make chocolate powder?

chocolate drink - is not the only product that is made from cocoa powder.By using this ingredient, many housewives cook and so-called icing.It is used to cover a variety of cakes and pastries, as well as for normal use, along with bread or a bun.

How to make icing from cocoa powder?For this we need the following products:

  • butter (not margarine) - about 5-7 g;
  • average fat whole milk - about 2 large spoons;
  • powder - 30 g;
  • white sugar - 3 small spoons.

Prepare the chocolate icing at home

This process takes you about five minutes of free time.So to do that, you can treat almost every day.To do this, take a deep and thick-walled metal bowl, put it in the cocoa powder, sugar, and then add a few tablespoons of whole milk.In this part of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and put on a very low heat.Gradually warming, the products spread a small amount of butter.Regularly stirring the components achieve a homogeneous chocolate mass without lumps and with a pleasant characteristic aroma.

How to use?

Once the chocolate coating of powder is prepared, it was immediately used for other purposes.This is due to the fact that if the product to withstand the side for some time, it may harden and become unusable toppings.

Thus, the finished hot glaze gently poured and smeared over the surface of cake or pastry.The product is also often added to various creams, making them more vivid and pleasant taste.

addition to chocolate cocoa powder in a dry form is also often used to decorate desserts.They sprinkle the surface of homemade goodies or collapses various "snacks" in the form of cakes or sweets.

also dry cocoa powder sometimes pour in the batter.This process contributes to the production of chocolate and delicious cakes.