Sore eye under the upper eyelid, it hurts to press.

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Eye Disease, contrary to common assumptions not limited to visual impairment.And prescribed by an ophthalmologist glasses, though unpleasant, but not the worst.Much more dangerous eye injury in violation of the integrity of the cornea, or purulent inflammation of the supporting structures of the eye.

Often optometrist hears complaints of the patient, that hurts the eye under the upper eyelid, it hurts to press, blinking, zazhmurivatsya.This is usually a manifestation of inflammation any structure of the upper eyelid, conjunctiva or cornea microtraumas.

little anatomy

Our eyes are not only of what we see.In addition, a large number of various systems pertaining to the eye, but do not directly execute the function of vision.

Actually, the eyeball - is a complex optical body having in its structure modified cells characteristic of the brain.In other words, the retina, which has light-sensitive cells - "rods" and "cones" - is representative of the outer cortex.

front of the retina is the most massive structure - vitreous.Before it - capable of changing the refractive properties of the lens.Outside of the "lens" has a color-imparting eye iris.At its center is the pupil, which, depending on the brightness may expand or taper.More outside - the anterior chamber of the eye.And all this is covered with a thin, dense and transparent cornea.

eye Being in a comfortable environment to help support organs and structures.Inside the eye orbit, on the pillow, lying on the loose tissue.Move them six muscles.In the inner corner of the lacrimal sac is located on the canal which lacrimal fluid constantly maintains the cornea moist.Eyelids cover the eyes with eyelashes, protecting it from excessive light and foreign bodies.

more about centuries

Their two pairs in humans, except for rudimentary third, located at the inner corner of the eye.Covered outside a very thin skin, from the inside, they are lined with mucous membrane - the conjunctiva.Inside lids loose fill fiber, deep in which there forever closes the circular muscle of the eye.On the edge of the ciliary cartilaginous plates are more pronounced on the mobile upper eyelid.Each of these plates has about twenty-five glands, producing a modified potozhirovoy secret released through ciliated ducts.

Each structure has its own name in Latin.They are formed and the names of diseases, which can be shown by the fact that it hurts the eye under the upper eyelid, it hurts to press, move the eyes, blink, or you feel a "sand in the eyes", there is a constant watery eyes, and other concerns.The pain in one or both eyes and may be secondary, i.e.cause it is not a disease of the eyes or support structures and adjacent organs.

How can hurt your eyes

Virtually all diseases accompanied by pain in the affected organ.Is no exception and eyes.If you have a sore eye under the upper eyelid, it hurts to press on the eyelid and the eyeball, pay attention to the nature of pain. It is quite specific feature, and has on it an experienced ophthalmologist may suspect a particular disease.

ophthalmologist Patients describe pain symptoms from mild discomfort to excruciating attacks or constantly present sensations of burning, tingling, pulsation.There may be oppressive or arching pain.Constant feeling that there eyewinker eyes or hit the sand.Duration, severity and localization of the pain depends on the reasons caused it.

Causes eye pain

most common cause, but at the same time and most easily correctable - banal fatigue.There is tension in the long view, related to reading in public transport, as well as insufficient or too intense light.When working with small parts or long fixation (computer work, or transportation management mechanisms).

Other causes of eye pain may be associated directly with the eyeball, with supporting structures of the eye, or with diseases of other organs.Separately, it should be noted foreign bodies and an eye injury.

foreign body can be dropped out cilium, got in contact with dirty hands or eye inscribed airflow piece solid chips fly off or splinter.The latter may be accompanied by the trauma of the conjunctiva and / or cornea.At the same time quite a few do not know how to pull out the mote out of the eye properly and uncomplicated foreign body when you remove or injure the mucous membrane of the eye century.

Injury eyeball very rarely isolated.Most often there is damage to the eye all the apparatus, including damage (bruises and fractures) orbit with a concussion and bruising eyeball fiber age.And injury are burns, thermal and chemical.

eye disease accompanied by pain

directly in the eyeball pain can be accompanied by diseases such as glaucoma.She was particularly acute closure or open-form.In addition, the pain caused: astigmatism, erosion or ulceration of the cornea, hyphema (bleeding in the eyeball), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), iritis (inflammation of the iris), and sklerokeratit scleritis, uveitis (inflammation of the choroid).

reasons related to support structures

most frequent culprits in this group are inflammatory and structural diseases and functional disorders.To include all inflammation blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids) and conjunctivitis of any etiology.This virus (herpes), bacterial (staphylococcal infection), fungal (candidiasis) and trachoma (Chlamydia infection).

inflammation of the lacrimal gland (dakrioadenit) and lacrimal sac (dacryocystitis), the space between the sclera and conjunctiva (episcleritis), complicated hordeolium (stye), orbital cellulitis (inflammation of the periocular tissue) is also accompanied by painful sensations.

structural disease and functional disorders that occur with pain symptom presented: xerophthalmia (dry eye syndrome), holazionom (gland cyst century), a tumor of the lacrimal gland, pseudotumour orbit.

pain in the eyes as a manifestation of other diseases

reason that hurts the eye under the upper eyelid, it hurts to press it can be damaged mater (subdural hematoma) at TBI, or other diseases of the brain.There may be pain in the eye with inflammation of the optic nerve.Migraines, viral colds (flu) with high temperature, high blood pressure and cause pain when moving the eyes and pressing the eyeballs.

first aid and home treatment

first aid is situations such as: getting a foreign body and eye injury (including burns).Knowing how to pull out the mote out of the eye properly, very easy to help a person, do not hurt him.Extract should be soft material (cotton swab, paper towel area), carefully hooking toward the inner corner of the eye.When necessary chemical burns for a few minutes with running cold water, without rubbing the eyes.

stye "treat" pulling the cilia on the site of inflammation.Uncomplicated conjunctivitis usually pass within a few days of treatment with eye drops.More serious is the situation when there is a seal under the upper eyelid, eye pain, or under the upper eyelid is detachable, particularly purulent character.Then the required medical assistance.When the manifestation of pain symptoms, independently sore right eye or left, or both, urgently need to see a specialist.