Management staff of the company with the help of 1C.

Every company, regardless of its size, has a staff of employees, effective management of which - the key to success.Accounting personnel, as well as accruing funds to pay - not an easy task, requiring strict compliance with all norms of the state standards, as well as speed and accuracy in the performance of various operations.

This applies to the company, which has a small staff and a large enterprise with hundreds of employees in different offices, often located in different cities.Selection of staff with appropriate qualifications, training new employees, ongoing analysis of the composition of the respective production needs and requirements of a particular company - all this is the responsibility of the company's personnel department.To ensure accurate operation of the service, without interruption and error, you can use software that allows partial or full automation of the processes associated with the personnel and payroll.

1C 8 version of Payroll is designed to automate the settlement process of the company, carried out in accordance with the draft legislation regulating this type of activity for any commercial organizations.

1C 8 salary and personnel management helps to carry out all the processes related to the management personnel of the enterprise, taking into account the employees accrued funds for salaries, as well as the calculation of tax deductions.The program allows you to create a variety of documents, such as certificates and reports for government agencies and social funds.In addition, planning is possible in labor costs of employees.

During the creation of the program developers have taken into account the actual experience of various organizations, enterprises and the needs of the latest methods used worldwide to personnel management.

1C frames established in accordance with the standards that exist in the law of the Russian Federation on protection of personal data.The program allows for the registration of events related to the management of data about employees.It is possible to restrict access to data about users or the events associated with them.

1C frame includes a convenient adjustment mechanism by which it is possible to obtain data for users of various positions: as an employment agency employees and executives.

Personnel Management 1C Enterprise 8 is available in several versions.Three product versions: Basic, Professional, and CORP vary in functionality and cost.

The basic version is designed for small organizations where personnel records, calculation means to pay for labor and tax issues decided by one person.

PROF version is more functional product.Besides the basic features that are present in the basic version, profiles include staff recruitment, training records, and creating incentives for employees.

version CORP - a complete solution for the automation of the vast number of issues in the field of personnel management.Volume functional product able to provide efficient operation of medium and large enterprises.CORP version opens the possibility of rapid processing of large amounts of information storage on a wide staff of employees, career planning, and analysis of information on the staff of the.

With the program "1C: Enterprise 8. Salary and Personnel" can significantly reduce the time spent on processing employee information, and to conduct an effective personnel policy.

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