Selection of Employees: How to Assemble a perfect team in the team?

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All people are so different that, at times, it is very difficult to put together the right people, which would meet all your requirements and at the same time complementary.The leader of any team is the most important part, and on what criteria it will select people what conditions it will create them, and what will motivate, will depend on the result.

It recruitment one of the most important stages in the business.How to assemble the perfect team in the team?Before you begin the selection of employees, you must create a model of a team that will need to always adhere to.

interview is the first and important step in the creation of the team.Also, recruitment You can hold yourself personally, or entrust this procedure HR.There are recruitment agencies that carefully at the options you want on a competitive basis will be able to pick up the personnel for you.When selecting personnel should emphasize not only on professional skills, you need to pay attention to the nature of man, his psychological type and position in life.The more positive, balanced and motivated people to be in the team, the team is more united.

Always remember that the most productive work is carried out only in the group, the group must be united and strive to high results, so picking a team, you need to take into account the psychological compatibility of all employees.In the future, nor any case impossible to create the conditions that will lead to competition within the department, otherwise all efforts will go to workers 'survival' to each other, and work gradually goes to the last position.Instead, it should implement incentive programs, calling for higher rates and quality of work.

trust and mutual respect in the team - a very important parameter in the work.Employees who are not waiting for each other dirty tricks, are in a more relaxed atmosphere, and as a result, increase the level of their work.Therefore, if you to come in for an interview the candidate, and in communication, you notice that it is very hidden and sees in all suspicion, it is not the kind of person who can work well in a team.Companionship splochayut team appears mutual assistance, which is very important in productive work.Corporative well contribute to such relations, colleagues know each other from different sides, they have a common interest, friendships.Therefore, corporate - it's not just a way to have a good rest, this event is the work on the formation of the team.

good leader, selecting staff, will pay great attention to even small things, careful talking to each person, and then he will surely be able to assemble the ideal team in collective .