How to talk so that others heard?

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Communication for everyone - it is so habitual activity that to think about whether we are talking, often does not occur.It would seem that for an adult there is no problem, but, unfortunately, we often find that the sides have not understood, because we talked quite another.And sometimes it happens that we do not like to hear.If you happen to these things, you should think about how you talk.

Moreover, it is important for those who work consists in dealing with people in a simple explanation of his own position or attract customers.

If you want your word always reach the interlocutor to understand you correctly and respond appropriately to your words, then you need to listen to the recommendations of experts and work on them, his manner of speaking and even vocabulary.And, most importantly, in any discussion must take into account the psychological characteristics of human perception.

Did you know, that is ...

* A person usually expresses 80% of what he wants to tell, and those who listen to him, only 70% perceive information, understand - 60%, and in the memoryas they retain from 10 to 25% of the foregoing.

* The meaning of phrases drawn from more than 13 words, the human mind does not perceive.

* It is clear to listeners only if the person speaks at a rate not exceeding 2.5 words per second.

* The interlocutor is no longer listen to the phrase, uttered without a pause longer than 5-6 seconds.

* Active perception to a great extent depends on whether the information reopen heard a man in his memory personal memories.

* lime, obtained first, far more trusted than heard in the future.

* People better remember the first and last piece of information, but the average is often overlooked.

* Our attention can dwell on a particular topic by no more than 6 minutes.After this period, a person needs something to distract, otherwise the information obtained will not be assimilated them completely.

* The abrupt transition from a friendly tone to the unwarranted hostility makes the listener numbness, fear, and even emotional shock.And of no understanding here already and can be no question!

All these principles of perception are, of course, and family relations, too, although the habit of talking to the manner of a loved one how much better understanding.But it happens and vice versa!

in a family in which the wife was accustomed to speak in a raised voice didactic voice, often the husband just turned off after a couple of times, and then he just does not hear her.So, if you want to bring home to her husband the important things for you, ready for a serious talk, take into account the peculiarities of the human psyche.

Women complain of male silent types, from which it is sometimes impossible to achieve word.It is no coincidence they like the eloquent man.And recently published some interesting facts.The researchers found that the body of the stronger sex, the gifted ability to vividly and exquisitely say usually very high levels of the male hormone testosterone.

So widespread belief that the better a man speaks, the more interesting he is in bed, finally received the scientific evidence.If you are considering your friend as a potential husband, through these studies, you are already in the process of communication will be able to learn about it the important things for you.

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