Why dream of a mermaid men and women?

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As you know, in a dream, we can prividetsya variety of images - both real and mythical.If objects are still familiar to us can somehow try to interpret what's the fabulous creatures usually cause people a lot of questions.We offer today to find out what the mermaid dreams.To decipher the meaning of this vision will resort to the help of the most complete and popular dream books of our time.

interpretation of Freud

Why dream of a mermaid, in the opinion of the founder of psychoanalysis?Freud is sure: if you catch a glimpse of Undine, sitting on a rock, then in reality you're probably constantly running after the opposite sex, considering this kind of game and fun.And the purpose of this behavior is to find someone who would fit you invented the image of an ideal partner.However, you can not help but notice that next to you is the one who loves you faithfully.Why dream of a mermaid man?If a representative of a strong half of mankind managed to catch me this fabulous creation, it is likely that his relationship with the opposite sex in real life except hunting can not be named.You aspire to a greater number of sexual conquests, which only reinforces their desire to conquer new hearts.Please note that the consumer attitude towards the ladies will sooner or later be replaced by cloying.In addition, you seriously injure yourself, being exchanged for detail.Maybe it's time to pause and reflect on your life?

If the fairer sex dreamed that she mermaid, then waking her behavior may vary at frivolous and imprudent.Chances are you are accustomed to flirt and flirt with all the men around.At the same time, remember that such behavior could hurt the wound and cause jealousy your lover, that sooner or later a negative impact on your relationship.

Children sonnik

Why dream of a mermaid children?The interpretation of this vision is the following: you are not terribly eager to find out a secret from each other.However, do not be, because the secret, you can not save, resulting in disagreement with a friend.

ABCs of interpreting dreams

What mermaid dreams during sleep, according to the compilers of this collection?These mythical creatures symbolize the lost love and romantic illusions.They can serve as a warning about the possible pitfalls in the relationship with your loved one.If you dreamed of a mermaid, the reality overcomes you forever longing for a lost love.If you dreamed a dance undines, you soared in fantasy and anticipating future amorous adventures.

Dreams Akulina

Let us find out what dream mermaid in the water, according to a collection of interpretations.So, this source is considering a similar way as the harbinger of a speedy journey to the sea.If mermaid presents you some gift in life you have the chance to be careful not to miss.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

Mermaid in a dream is a reflection of the need to sleep more often in the nature of water.Maybe your body is lacking water and some vitamins.If you dreamed that you came into contact with this fabulous creature, you will be able to achieve success in bioenergy and herbal medicine.

Magical Dream Book

Vision, which featured a mermaid, can symbolize a lot of pressure and influence from the outside.Perhaps in reality you have to sacrifice something for the benefit of another person.Why dream of a mermaid girl?Such a vision can represent a variety of temptations, jealousy and rancor.If the young man dreamed charming Undine, rocking on the waves, he runs the risk of waking to face with the evil charm.If a man in a dream saw a lot of mermaids in the water, it should for a while in real life avoid sorority.

mythological dream book

compilers of this collection remind us that, according to the beliefs and legends of mermaids turn into a suicide and drowned.Often the cause of their death becomes unrequited love.It is therefore considered that these fabulous creatures envy and hate beautiful women representatives of a strong half of humanity, trying to lure them into their network and drag to the bottom.Thus, the appearance of a dream Undine could spell the emergence of a dangerous temptation.Also, such a vision can be a harbinger of a mental crisis and a nervous breakdown, which is sometimes accompanied by suicidal thoughts.

Dreams Morozova

What dream mermaid woman, according to the information from this collection?The appearance of this mythological creature in the dream is regarded as a harbinger of good luck and inexplicable performance cherished desires.But for the stronger sex dream interpretation will be different.For example, collectors believe that heralds the emergence of a mermaid in a man's life enchantingly beautiful, but evil woman, the love of which could bring him a lot of problems and will end very badly.

Dreams for the whole family

This collection offers the interpretation of visions for both women and men, and children.Let us first that promises a dream that featured a mermaid, the fair sex.So, if you Ondine smiled in a vision, then very soon you will suddenly find old friend, with whom long time no contact.A dream in which a mermaid you sprayed water, suggests that dissolves the malevolent gossip about you no one paid much attention, and your opponent in the end, leave you alone and retreated.If you dreamed of a mermaid on Thursday, then you expect a surge of much-needed strength and energy today.Such a vision in the night from Friday to Saturday promises to demand your knowledge of people.

With regard to representatives of the strong half of humanity, they mermaid does not bode well.For men, the risk is on its way to meet the femme fatale, which can destroy their lives.

Kids dream about the mermaid warns of the need to keep his mouth shut if they have entrusted a secret.

Universal Dream

Let us see what the mermaid dreams, according to the compilers of this collection of interpretations.So, consider this source as a symbol of the desire Undine.Perhaps you want to get everything at once.Or you want to be tempted, but only in your imagination.Did you tell people stories and embellish your life, hoping that everything you believe.In a word, surely there is something that you very much want to achieve.But to do so did not get.But the dream book says that you need to continue to believe that everything will turn out.Only then will you be able to achieve the desired.

collection of tips received in a dream

Every dream book interprets the vision in different ways.However, most sources agree that mermaids are often very dangerous character.To a large extent this is true for the stronger sex.For example, many downers consider mermaid image in a dream as a dangerous temptation that awaits you in real life.Most likely, it will be fascinating, but dangerous woman.Familiarity with it is likely to be fatal for you.Therefore collect will in a fist, and a hundred times think before you plunge into the maelstrom of love.