Dream Interpretation: tulip.

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All people have dreams.It has long also has a tradition of interpretation to decipher what is trying to tell us through the fate of the characters in our dreams.

Among other things, there is one subject that everyone pays attention to the dream book - flowers.Tulips in the number of occupied perhaps the most important place, along with roses, daisies and other colorful flora.

Many people love tulips because of their beauty and sense of warmth and tenderness, they cause their appearance.If you see these flowers in a dream, you can look into the dream book.Why dream of tulips, there usually are a few explanations.But in almost every case, it is considered that a good sign, and your future will joyous and auspicious.

With more than a specific value depends on the color of the bud, which is sure to mention a good dream interpretation.Tulip, there may be red, yellow, or an entirely different color.Also, an important role is played by the second part of the plan.

Red tulips

According to the traditional dream interpretation, dream of a red tulip to material prosperity.This includes mainly the financial benefits, but also has a high correlation with the status and career growth.In the near future be prepared to meet the success and growth of financial condition.This may be associated with winning, inheritance or a raise, if not a new job.Maybe so, you return the old debt, of which you have forgotten to think.In any case, it warns dream book, tulip red brings you prosperity.Especially if the color will be a lot.

Pink flowers

Further, as reported by the traditional dream interpretation, tulip pink dreamed you, foretells pleasant changes in his personal life.You are waiting for a romantic relationship, or at least a nice date.Be prepared to meet the pressure of the senses and the worship itself or by the admirer female fans.Anyway - wait for love surprises.

shades of yellow

We have said that the tulips are favorable news.However, as evidenced by the dream book, yellow tulips in dreams can predict and not very joyful change.To be more precise, they broadcast the impending treason, betrayal, disappointment, or any other form of deception.It may also mean that the end of any relationship - with passion, or perhaps with someone from friends.But at the same time remember that tulips - it's still flowers, and if the news of the impending sorrow you communicate through them, be sure that this is always based on some kind of joy.Perhaps it would be difficult or impossible to immediately recognize, it might be somewhat prolong in order to prove himself, but in any case for a period followed by a black light in which all the negative events will turn in your favor.

Black flowers

If you saw in a dream the black tulip, is mindful of the fact that it was said above, have patience, courage, and prepare to make it difficult to meet face to face.It may well be that you will find solitude, melancholy or depression.Try this time less self-pity - it will only make you weak in the face of problems.At the same time, be honest with yourself and with others.It is also very important that you do not deny assistance to those who need it.This will help you by neutralizing the effect of your own problems in your life.

white and blue buds

Further, according to the dream book, tulip White also predicted problems, but especially cordial.Failures or irregularities in the relationship with your partner will affect you.If you are single, it could mean the beginning of a hopeless relationship, are not destined to end happily.But blue tulips clearly speak of unrequited feeling.

Thus this kind of prediction as it emphasizes that love challenges now serve your greater happiness then.In other words, you perceive these events not as oppressive curse as well as a difficult step up - to the top of happiness.

Purple and multicolored tulips

With regard to such exotics as purple tulips, tulips or else whose buds are painted in several colors at once, and this is the explanation.First, that is purple, reported rift in the family.Perhaps the problems relate to their parents or, on the contrary, children.It is unlikely, but possible, that they will deal with relations with the spouse.Well, if so, then the conflict will most likely due to the influence of relatives - mother-in-law, father in law, and so on. D.

But buds colorful tulips indicate your carelessness and thoughtlessness.Perhaps in this way warn you that the thing that you have in mind, requires a more serious study, preparation and reflection.In one word - Be serious.Sometimes it is also evidence of your immaturity and a call to ensure that finally have to start to take life a little more conscious, so to speak, a grown-up.

If your sleep you do not see a flower or even a bouquet and immediately a field of daffodils, keep in mind - you are waiting for a very serious changes that will affect your life and that you will survive for a long time.