Saint Nicholas Prayer for healing.

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probably no more terrible disaster than mental or physical illness.With it can argue only those who have not come across in his life with a strong disease.So many people pray to Saint Nicholas is known for healing.To her address not only Orthodox.St. Nicholas is known for different people.He is revered for his kindness unprecedented.If you are facing serious difficulties, the prayer to Saint Nicholas the healing will definitely help.This is indicated by both believers and clergy.

St. Nicholas

We now have become somewhat cynical and distrustful.This prevents a miracle in our lives, no matter how trite it sounds.Many experts are already talking about it out loud.They believe that children need to be taught the life of the saints, for example.This is useful for the formation of their outlook.This is to ensure that the prayer to Saint Nicholas the healing is not like a pill.To help it, you must believe in it.Where now are those who can just let in my life "picture"?This refers to the icon.But it is written with a real person.

History Holy

He lived in the third century.Even the city is known.Now it is called Demre and is located in Turkey.There he was born, who later learned how St. Nicholas.The young man was deeply religious.He has done many things, which are now recognized to exploits.For example, the daughters of the ruined merchant, he gave a dowry.And I do not shout about it all over the world!Secret benefactor.It is to remember those who can not arrange a personal life.These thoughts fills their prayer to Saint Nicholas.On asking for the healing of those who have heard of cases of people who venerate the relics of St.There are descriptions of the wonders of the sudden release of a variety of ailments.More sailors revere him, remembering how he calmed the storm.Many miracles associated with the name of the Holy One.

What trouble to go to Saint Nicholas

Sometimes people ask strange questions.For example, trying to figure out who to contact of the Saints with the problem.It's like as if grain chose under what bump lie to germinate and give birth to the ear.Does it matter?For the Lord is everywhere!When the prayer is offered to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the soul cries out to God.It does not matter whose name is pronounced.All the saints have with Him.Say, why then such division?This is also telling those who wish to understand the life of the saints.Just communicate with the Lord through the formerly lived, and glorified the name of man is much simpler and easier.It's like a friend for advice.For example, when your mouth flies with a prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, head appears his image.Of course, if you have attended to give a minimum of information about this remarkable man.It turns out that says praying with those who it has almost become a mother, but not with the unknown and unimaginable God.Since the soul is not simply trust and full contact with the Almighty.

So what we ask for?

In fact, it does not matter that you have happened.More importantly a sense of trust to the one chosen its patron saint.Let this be a great man, now known as Saint Nicholas (St. Nicholas).Prayer then will act when filled with feelings, coming from the depths of the soul.You know, so many describe it.Suddenly it seemed that the man became a little like a child.And pulled her arms to him good, like a mother or father.His soul responded to the movement of utter love and trust.How to feel something like that, and utter his request.And what they will be up to you.Understand that any trouble will pray to Saint Nicholas.The text of the prayer then acquire a special meaning for you.If no faith in his heart to read, it is a set of words.And if the Old Slavonic take some obscure terms.What is born of the realization that you care more than going on whom everything is available, to whom no barriers, then the word spletutsya into a single image.And the essence of the request in prayer and thought can be put.

Miraculous Prayer to St. Nicholas

We already speculate, filling in gaps in religious education, and it's time to move on to the texts.The reader probably is sought for this article.He was not interested in philosophizing about the nature and form beliefs.Not so thought Nicholas (St. Nicholas), a prayer to which you are interested.How to write, he said, that the Lord should be in the shower, then any trouble is not terrible.And he is very respected people capable of virtue in the world to bear.A religious he is considered the first of them.All this must be taken into account when you become the Holy handle.You see, the texts of prayers, too, people have written.And they much that you can find "unnecessary words."And in fact, as is provided, so to speak, praying contact with the holiness and purity of God.It creates an aura around himself a sincere trust in the Almighty.But go to the texts.Here it is recommended to say: "O great wonderworker vsehvalny, Father Nicholas, the saint of Christ!I pray thee, as the eternal hope of all Christians, faithful protector, and healer kormitelya infirm and poor, ruler of all floating on the seas and oceans, a help orphaned and needy, patron disasters.Pomozov life to go with dignity, worthy to see the glory of the elect of God, Jesus in heaven.Carol and praise them constantly of the triune God!Amen! "This prayer is one of the strongest.But there are other.

the health

said that Nicholas comes to the aid of all ailing.If your body is undermined by disease, then other words you need to say.By the way, the prayer of Saint Nicholas of health (healing) rises to its icons.Do not be lazy to go to the Temple, or ask someone.Bring out his image.You'll see how it will be reassuring to act to give strength.
A text like this: "On vsesvyatiteo Nikolai!Rock and assistant fast all the sick and sorrowful!I pray the Lord for forgiveness of his servant (your name) sin that has accomplished through ignorance or thoughtlessness.To ask Him for rescuing the body and soul from the machinations of the devil, disease mundane, from the ordeal and torment eternal.Amen! "You know, all that can be said in their own words.Believe me, St. Nicholas, as well as Lord, hear not what the mouth says and movements of the soul, her hopes and aspirations.For example, it is important for him, as you can about your illness.Do it punishment or trial.You say that there is no difference?You are mistaken.Religious people genuinely feel that the Lord does not give something that people can not stand.He teaches him lessons.They need to think about and take the right, not to complain.

about patient assistance

seriously delve into the essence of the views of the man that is known today as Saint Nicholas, it becomes evident with great diligence he will fulfill requests for loved ones people.After all, the selfish cares about himself.But the virtuous man is thinking about others first and cares.This is different prayer for the health of the sick Saint Nicholas.She did not read for themselves, but for someone who is much worse now.The essence of Orthodoxy has long been in compassion and kindness.Its text is as follows: "Vozbranny Wonderworker saint of Christ, Father Nicholas!You exude the world, has come to pass the endless wonders of the sea.Supports the spirit of the fortress sinners, healed the sick and obsessed with the devil!I beg you, holy father!Pomozov sinful son of God (name).Having asked for a power and strength to bravely withstood the test, lain heavily on his body.His kindness soar over his mortal body.So that the spirit of misfortunes and resisted wiles of the devil, the temptations unworthy.To prayed together with those whom the Lord has received in heaven, His eternal glory!Amen! »

Prayer to Saint Nicholas, changing the fate of

People say when something goes wrong, they say, are destined.This refers to the fate.It all has its own personality.And well, if it is safe.After all, as it happens.Some bathe in luxury, all they got almost no difficulty.The love they have, prosperity, healthy kids, parents are still alive, and so on.A different fate throws one test after another.That job loses, suffer from fraud.Or, for example, the health of all time, gave way, illness does not want to come off.Believers say that such circumstances necessarily endure a lifetime.Prayer Helps to Saint Nicholas, changing destiny.Read it must be in the Temple.As many say, the day of his own birth.These words need to memorize and recite with all the passion of his soul.Yes, to acknowledge that all the sins and mistakes, do not murmur against the Lord, that it gave you such a fate.Just ask about her change.They say that many of these words have helped.People work is saved when there was no hope.Another prayer helped to find personal happiness.Others happily got rid of the sores.And they say that it can be read when the ordeal appears on the horizon.For example, you go to the interview, wanting to be sure to get a promising place.In this case, of course, waiting for the birth of not worth it.Put a candle before the icon of the Miracle Worker and ask for a wish.

text of the prayer that changes the fate

Oh, Saint Nicholas!Preizryadno servant of the Lord!Our Patron, in afflictions and ailments skoropomoschnik!Praise the Lord for giving us a wonderful gift to you!Pomozov me in this life dull sinner.Pray the Lord to grant me forgiveness of sins sorrowful, achievements in all ages from youth to the present day.To clear the thoughts, words flowed from the lips of pious, feelings were not covered by the devil.Pray the Lord sozidetelya creatures of the earth, help me, accursed, and deliver His ordeal of suffering, eternal torment.Praise with me, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.And thank you for your representation before the Lord, Father Nikolai.Amen!

How to help appeal to St. Nicholas

Surely every praying wish to have an idea of ​​what might happen.As a rule, everyone has their own circumstances.Consequently, "a blueprint" Nicholas is not valid.However, it is clear that a sincere and honorable man without the aid will not.And it shall be that of what he deserves.This has a lot of evidence.So, they say that one man managed to break the car to stop the prayer.A car raced straight into the pole.He appealed to the Saint Nicholas as their own way (in his understanding) to handle the situation could not.The car pulled up to one centimeter away from the obstacle.How can you not believe that prayer can change fate, give rebirth.

Miraculous healing

There is still evidence of how Miró helped women get rid of the ailment.Doctors insisted on surgery.She was afraid.She was in the monastery advised to smear the affected area.And the dream came to her St. Nicholas and told her to drink a little ointment.So she did.After a while, the doctors did not detect the disease.It turns out that she is not in the hospital "under the knife" went to bed, and began to engage in creative work, to create life.

Does Everyone helps prayer?

This one asks himself.People in passing the test becomes hypochondriac.Only this state is an integral part of the lesson.We need to try to cope with doubts.We do not need them.What prayer to Saint Nicholas (healing, for instance) - not the essence, it is designed to strengthen the human faith, to get rid of extraneous thoughts, pushing him onto the road of sorrow.But the question can be answered in two ways.It is designed for everyone.Saint Nicholas did not deny anyone their kindness.Gift him a miraculous Lord gave this reason.Only faith in the soul it can not you settle.It should be there.But to strengthen it and help to wait for the desired miracle - is it forces!Especially since you yourself try to become when you realize what a great way of knowing the Lord.