How to make the dream a reality, or what women want on March 8

Psychology fair sex in all ages has been a mystery to men.Especially this issue becomes relevant when you have to buy gifts for March 8.What do women want?Difficult question, but the answer can be found.

Sentimental things

soul is tired of the standard gifts?Then you - the section of original ideas.Popularity is now becoming a chocolate portrait.In particular, he will please fans of sweet.

gloves lovers will be an unexpected surprise for the second half.They are not only warm the hands, and take care of your feelings.After all, scientists have long found that couples who hold hands often, there are fewer conflicts.

If you do not know what women want on March 8, always bet on memories.For the family the best surprise will be embodied memory.Make a collage with children's photos.Many emotions cause a gift that the owner of the long lost.You can find a copy of your favorite broken cups, vases, sets.

small step towards the dream

Everyone has secret fantasies.When purchasing goods and ordering a present not to forget it.

best gift is the one that will lead to a sincere, sentimental emotions.A woman just touched.Give thing she wanted for a long time, but did not dare to buy.And if the question of what women want on March 8, you just can not find the answer, contact to the heart.It is sure to tell you the right way.

can realize the dream of a small, for example, buy the album and paint, to get karaoke, a sewing machine, a set of forms for baking, manicure set and so on.The main thing that a gift to the dream approaching women.Perhaps this will be the first step towards its implementation.

Girl's Best Friend

The top most coveted gifts at all times stood decorations.If only a few decades ago, in our country there were problems with the choice, today the shop windows are full of their number.

Jewelry - is something that women want on March 8, regardless of age.Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings will be happy.

Another option - a beautiful jewelry and accessories.The main thing in this case - follow fashion trends.The articles in glossy magazines in detail tell that this year's trend.There you will find tips on color schemes, all of the style and even size.

Capability field - baggy.Accessories complement the image.Many of them have practical application.Handbag, wallet, belt, gloves, scarf, watches, glasses, etc. will be a great surprise.

ticket to happiness

wants to escape from the usual cycle if only for a few days?Bright ads so beckons sandy beaches, blue lagoons and hot sun.

sociologists conducted a survey among representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.Ladies of all ages answered the question about what kind of a gift wish to receive.The results surprised.It turned out that all of what women want on March 8 - is to relax.The most daring dream of the exotic resorts and distant lands.The ticket, which will pass to the other country, will take on seventh heaven.Please the ladies and travel outside the city, where they will take care of a decent hotel.

If it is impossible to organize the trip, the ticket will surprise the salon specializing not only in cosmetic procedures, but also on relaxation techniques.

In the case where none of the above options are not regarded as significantly shake the family budget, should not get upset.An alternative would be a well-organized holiday home.Output from family troubles - that's what they want girls and women on 8 March.

Universal Gift

There is a formula that applies to all the beautiful women without exception.Feminists, careerists, schoolgirl modest, good-natured grandmother caring housewives do not represent the 8th of March without flowers.Delicate snowdrops, fluffy mimosa, proud tulips, carnations and slender noble rose melt the heart of the beautiful ladies.Variants of the compositions and the price varied.What do women want to receive on March 8?Of course, flowers - the main gift, a symbol of beauty and youth.

If your girlfriend is tired of standard bales and wants more practical things, give her a bouquet of chocolates.Such a present is not only delicious, but also beautiful.And he recalls that the window wakes spring.

many years will delight fresh flowers in a pot.

Despite the assertion that the bouquets - a relic of the past, they are an indispensable attribute of the Spring Festival.

Top platitudes

Creative imagination to your Present has not appeared in the rating of the most primitive of surprises.Perfume, cards, stationery - all of these products come in a row.But such gifts uninteresting look only in the hands of those, who knows absolutely nothing about the fair sex, which meant a thing.Of course, the mistake the one who buys the first thing that comes to hand.But if you know what women want on March 8, break stereotypes and giving practical gifts.For example, the same perfume.Usually the ladies do not change the brand of perfume for years.Even if your girl does not have a scent that favors permanently, then at least she always chooses a certain brand.

And ladies - insidious creatures.Even the most modest of them before spring holiday allude to their loved ones, which is a present for their welcome.These hints come in handy when you do not have ideas and do not know what women want on March 8.