Depressants, Business

Complexity is in any business.

For comparison we take the collection business.This business is now very well developed.Do collectors appeared software increasingly appears literature on the activities of collection agencies, there is talk of adopting a law at the federal level about their activities.

Users read, interested, asking collectors have access to databases, to the same social status customers of collectors - is a bank whose money is always there.

Thus, their business informed, analyzed, on their side and the court and the bailiffs.In our country, the debtors do not like.Yes, and that we can take from the debtor ???

Antikollektorstvo appeared in Russia much later than collection agencies.If it is now possible to say that collectors have settled in our society, it's a depressant, the Russian population is not yet accustomed.

This is no accident.We must take years.Depressants have to create more than one association anticollection agencies should appear books, articles, software.It takes time.

Finally - it appeared antikollektorov portal where you can chat, discuss topics, ask questions.I believe that this is a big step towards becoming antikollektorstva.While

- that we are far behind the development of collection services.This fact must be recognized only with a view to depressants have joined forces and have made every effort and resources to the development of this direction.

Of course, many go to the market.This is primarily due to the fact that the common man is very difficult to resist the powerful state machine called Bank.Naturally, not experienced, just beginning businessmen - depressants suffer defeat.And take a beating, with firmness to take the blows - is not easy.

However, not all that bad.In spite of the numerical superiority of collection campaigns - they can and must be fought.There are positive aspects to our business.The good news is that the highest court backed borrowers in their recently issued a decree and CPS clearly on the side of borrowers.

In the recent past on the part of borrowers got even Roskomnadzor Russian Federation, as well as prosecutors.For sustainable development it is necessary to carry out actions to write complaints about violations of the rights of borrowers, to ask for help and clarification to the state, to carry out round tables, to develop themselves, to publish books, to communicate to the client's word depressant and what is its service.

In general, the work is, and a lot of work.You just have to seek it some cohesion.Only in this case we can talk about antikollektorstve as a new movement in Russia.

At the present time we can say that the collectors - more united, they communicate with each other, help.Worry about the error.They like that live in his world, speak their own language.

Here's to such a unity, I urge all antikollektorov, all the defenders of debtors.Unite and become good specialists, do not "run around the cafe" at the meeting with the debtor, the potential of your customers, do not need to hide and play spies.Operates openly, because it is our activity is not prohibited by law.What should we be afraid of ???

open nature allows us to quickly identify our customers and enable to take a leading position in this business.