Criminal law - is the most important branch of law

concept of criminal law

Every state must protect its citizens, because it is provided for in the constitutions of all civilized countries.In this regard, the criminal law - is objectively formed branch of law.It is necessary to restore justice and punishment for illegal behavior.Criminal law can be viewed from three positions - such as legislation, science and educational discipline.As the legislation is a regulatory framework.From the point of view of science is all the stuff that people gained (textbooks, monographs, academic dissertations, etc.).And the subject matter is characterized by a set of means and methods of teaching criminal law at the universities and other educational institutions.


Any independent branch of law should at a minimum have their own subject and method.Criminal law - it is the industry, which includes public relations, advancing in connection with the commission of a crime.If we consider specifically, this kind of crime and punishment, criminal responsibility, sentencing or other educational measures, exemption from punishment.May include other relationships, if they are directly included in the subject.

part of criminal law

traditional division between general and special part of the criminal law has.The general part includes the basic principles, objectives, responsibilities, the law in space and in time, the circumstances that may exclude the criminality of the offense.In general, these are the main provisions of which form the criminal law.The special part is dedicated to specific crimes already provided for in the law.They can be classified according to various reasons.The basis taken in the criminal law constitutional model, which first need to protect the person (crimes against the person, the economy), then the society (against the public safety and order), and the last thing the government (state wrongful acts).Accordingly, the heads of the Penal Code is so divided.


important provisions which relate not only to the private sector, but also to the law in general, it is the principle.This is the starting point, which is unacceptable to transgress in any situation.There are basic provisions that form and criminal law.It's the law, equality before the law, the wine.Tell me more about each of them.Legality - general legal principle, which took over the criminal law.This means that all state bodies, organizations and just all people should act only in accordance with the law.In view of the strict requirements must be unambiguous and does not allow any other interpretation.Equality is ensured by the same punishment for one and the same act.Ideally, if the murder with other things being equal makes a person homeless, he must serve the same punishment as a Duma deputy who committed a similar offense.Wines justified a man is responsible for what he did.