How to make a 10-percent saline solution?

salt we take for granted as a necessary seasoning to dishes.Meanwhile, it is an important ingredient in cooking is a healer, magical protector and helper in the household.

to treat salt often used in dissolved form.The methods have a number of nuances, which definitely need to learn.For example, how to make a 10-percent saline solution, if not at home chemical beakers and measuring spoons?How much to take salt and water?Consider the simple preparation of therapeutic options for solutions.

What need salt for cooking drugs?

Before you prepare a 10% salt solution, you need to carefully examine the recipe.What matter is referred to it?If the salt, the suitable packaging, which stated:

  • kitchen salt;
  • sodium chloride;
  • table salt;
  • rock salt.

In everyday life use the word "salt", although this term applies to many complex substances formed by ions or atoms of the metal and acid residues.In addition to sodium chloride, is used for medicinal purposes Epsom salts - magnesium sulfate.Extracted substances in the development of deposits in the earth's crust.If

vaporize seawater, the sea salt is obtained which contains sodium, magnesium, iodine, chloride, sulfate ions, and other components.The properties of such a mixture differ between individual substances.Typically for treatment of wounds, sore throat, teeth preparing 1-10% salt solution of sodium chloride.The chemical formula of the compound which possesses surprising properties, - NaCl.

What should be the degree of purity of the components?

How to make a 10-percent saline solution at home to cure benefited, not harm the body?Salt should also be as clean as possible, but store-bought "Stone" is often contaminated with impurities.There are a pure product of fine grinding.

In some recipes recommended to use snow or rain water, but it was a bad idea from the standpoint of modern ecology.The purity of the liquid that flows in the systems of domestic water supply, also causes a lot of criticism.She, like snow and rain, can be contaminated by chlorine, iron, phenols, petroleum, nitrates.Specify that as a solvent in medicine used distilled or demineralized water.Houses for solution can take filtered or boiled water.

If you put plastic molds with water in the freezer, the first freeze pure water, and the impurities will accumulate on the bottom.Without waiting for a complete freezing, it is necessary to collect the ice from the surface and melt.We get a very clean and healthy water.

How to measure the mass and volume of salt water to make a solution?

Everything you need should be collected in advance, before you make a 10-percent saline solution.Will be required to operate the water beaker, a bag of salt, scales, a glass and a spoon (dining, dessert or tea).Photo below will help determine the mass of salt, which is contained in the dessert and teaspoon.

then necessary to determine the unit of measure for liquids.It is believed that the mass of 100 mL of fresh water equal to 100 g (density of fresh water - 1g / ml).Liquids can be measured beaker if not, then your regular cup of those that are called "faceted".Filled up risks, it contains 200 ml of water (or g).If you pour up to the top, you get 250 ml (250 g).

What does the expression "10 percent solution"?

substance concentration is usually expressed in several ways.Most often in medicine and household uses this value as the weight percentage.It shows how many grams of a substance contained in a 100 g solution.For example, if the recipe stated that used 10% saline solution, then every 100 g of this product contains 10 g of solute.

Suppose you want to prepare 200 g of 10% saline solution.Carry out simple calculations, did not take long:

100 g solution contained 10 g of the substance;200 g of solution contains x g.
x = 200 g x 10 g: 100 g = 20 g (salt).
200 g - 20 g = 180 g (water).
180 g x 1 g / ml = 180 ml (water).

How to prepare a 10% salt solution?

If there is a scale and beaker, the weight of the salt and the water volume is best measured with them.Dial teaspoon "uppers" and pour a glass of water to the risk is also possible, but such measurements sin inaccuracies.

How to make a 10-percent saline solution to get 100 grams of the drug?It should weigh 10 g of sodium chloride, pour into a beaker 90 ml of water and pour salt into water, stirring to dissolve.Mixed salt with cold or lukewarm water, and then the components are heated dishes.For a better cleansing ready solution is passed through a ball of wool (filtered).

Prepare 50 g of a 10% solution may be from 45 mL of water and 5 g salt.Hypertonic saline solution made of 1 liter of water and 100 g of sodium chloride (4 tablespoons "topless").

Treatment 10% brine

In medicine fresh distilled water to prepare 0.9% solution of salt, which is called the "physiological".This fluid is isotonic relative to the internal environment of the human body (having the same concentration).It is used during various medical procedures, in particular as a substitute for blood, to eliminate the effects of dehydration, intoxication.

hypertonic solution contains more salt in contact with isotonic or hypotonic fluid it attracts water to a concentration equalization.Such osmotic influence used in traditional recipes for cleansing wounds of pus.Salt has antiseptic, antimicrobial properties, it hypertonic solutions are used in alternative medicine:

  • diseases of internal organs - in the form of saline dressing on the pain center;
  • like lotions, compresses and applications in skin and other infections;
  • as a salt bath for fatigue and pain in the hands and feet;
  • to cleanse septic wounds.

Treatment 10% hypertonic saline solution will take time, it may take several days or weeks.The minimum number of procedures - 4-7.If sore throat is used 3-5% hypertonic saline to rinse in the morning and evening.Nasal cavity were washed with an isotonic solution.To make it necessary to add water to 237 ml of boiling water, 1.2 g of sodium chloride and 2.5 g of baking soda.