How to cook soup with chicken liver?

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soup with chicken liver - it's very satisfying and nutritious first meal for the manufacture of which does not need to acquire a large number of expensive components.

There are several recipes for this afternoon.We present only the most simple and affordable.

simple chicken liver soup: recipe first course

In preparation of said food is no big deal.Moreover, in order soup from chicken liver to get the most hearty, tasty and nutritious, there is no need to use hard-tronics ingredients and heat treated to give a large amount of free time.

On average, a dinner was ready about an hour.

So how to cook soup with chicken liver?For this we need the following components:

  • chicken liver, fresh - not less than 300 grams;
  • large sweet onion - 1 head;
  • medium potatoes - about 3 pcs .;
  • big juicy carrot - 1 pc .;
  • bay leaf - 2 leaf;
  • buckwheat - ½ cup;
  • fresh herbs (parsley or dill) - used to taste and desire;
  • salt and other spices - to use discretion.

products processing

Before you cook the soup with chicken liver, should be treated with all the ingredients.Byproduct thawed, and then wash in cold water.After that, he chopped medium pieces and start the processing of vegetables.Onions, potatoes and carrots peeled.The first two components are cut into cubes, and the latter being rubbed on a grater.

As for buckwheat, it sorted out, spread in a sieve and wash well in cold water.

heat treatment process

soup soup chicken liver boiled in a large pot.It is filled with water and place over high heat.After boiling in a bowl spread all the byproduct of good stir, add laurel leaves and spices.If the surface of the broth formed dark skin, then get rid of it using skimmers.

Reduce heat to low, cover the pan with a lid and boil the contents for 10 minutes.Over time the liver is added to the cubes of potatoes and onions and grated carrots.

again bringing the broth to a boil, cook it exactly five minutes, after which the processed buckwheat and finely chopped fresh herbs.In this part of the soup of chicken liver cooked for about 20 minutes, then try the taste and spread the necessary spices.

presents the soup to the table

After vegetables, cereal and chicken by-product will be completely soft, laid out on the soup bowls and presented to the table.

It should be noted that such a low-calorie meal is obtained, since it is practically no fat.Drink it with a piece of bread and fresh cream.

Make a delicious soup of chicken liver with pasta

If you need to get not dietary meal, and a full hearty meal, we suggest use of the recipe.To implement it in the home, we need the following set of products:

  • chicken liver, fresh - not less than 400 grams;
  • large sweet onion - 1 head;
  • medium potatoes - about 2 pcs .;
  • big juicy carrot - 1 pc .;
  • laurel - leaf 2;
  • fine vermicelli - 3 large spoons;
  • refined sunflower oil - about 35 ml;
  • wheat flour - a couple of big spoons;
  • fresh herbs (dill or parsley) - used to taste and desire;
  • salt and other spices - to use discretion.

Prepare ingredients for cooking

considered food chicken livers are thawed and then thoroughly washed to remove all unnecessary items.After this, a byproduct cut in small pieces and crumble in wheat flour.

processed the liver, immediately begin to prepare vegetables.Carrots rubbed on a grater and potato and onion - chopped into cubes.


ingredients to make the most generous and tasty soup of the products recommended fry in a pan.It poured a little oil, strongly heated and then spread chicken liver, roll in flour.Fry until golden-product status, it is placed on a plate and leave to one side.With regard to pan, it adds a little more oil (vegetable) and then spread carrots and onions.

Vegetables fry over medium heat until they are fully transparent.Finally, remove bowl from heat and cooled.

How should I cook a tasty meal?

sauté the ingredients in butter, start cooking the soup.To this was poured into a large saucepan drinking water and bring it to the boil.Then turn the dishes spread before the fried chicken livers, potato cubes, bay leaf and spices.

Products boiled for about 25 minutes, after which the fine vermicelli and fresh herbs.Stir ingredients prepare them for approximately 5 minutes, and then remove from heat.By adding to the soup browned vegetables (carrot and onion), it is left under a tight lid ¼ of an hour.During this time, the broth fed with aromas of roasted ingredients will be more tasty and rich.

presents the first dish to the table

After a brief excerpts soup under the cover of his laid out on the plates and then presented to the table.Seasonings already flavored broth with green onions, it is used together with a slice of bread.

It should be noted that the taste of the soup with fried chicken livers and sauté vegetables is markedly different from what was presented above (the recipe with buckwheat).This dish, a much high-calorie, fragrant and delicious.

How to cook soup with liver for a child?

soup chicken liver for a child is preparing as easy and simple as two vyshepredstavlennyh dishes.However, for a more useful and digestible meal, be sure to use a more complicated recipe.Strictly observing all its requirements, you can prepare delicious and nutritious soup that is sure will be enjoyed by your children.

So to make soup out of chicken liver, you need to prepare:

  • chicken livers fresh-frozen - not less than 350 grams;
  • hearts Fresh-frozen chicken - 150 g;
  • large sweet onion - 1 head;
  • medium potatoes - about 2 pcs .;
  • big juicy carrot - 1 pc .;
  • frozen broccoli - 150 g;
  • whole milk - ½ cup broth and 1 cup of the soaking products;
  • sunflower oil - about 35 ml;
  • green pea ice-cream - 180 g;
  • fresh herbs - used to taste and desire;
  • salt and other spices - to use discretion.

Prepare ingredients

To prepare the children's meals are thawed offal (liver and hearts), thoroughly wash and remove all undesirable elements.Then they chopped medium slices, spread in a bowl and pour fresh milk.This is necessary to ensure that the liver has lost its inherent bitterness, became soft and gentle as possible.

While offal soaked in milk, proceed to the processing of vegetables.Carrots and potatoes chopped into large cubes, and onion - semirings thick.

Regarding broccoli and green peas, their use in frozen form.

Cooking products

make soup from chicken hearts and liver should be in a large saucepan.It is filled with water and boil.Then in a bowl spread livers and hearts, as well as add a little milk and spices.

Cook for these products should be up to full softness.It may take you about 35 minutes.

After offal cooked, they are taken out and cooled.With regard to the broth in a spread potatoes and carrots.Cooked vegetables, they add frozen broccoli and peas.Boil the ingredients for about 7 minutes, remove their plate and slightly cooled.After that, the broth with vegetables dipped immersion blender and whip it strongly until a homogeneous puree soup.In the future, again boiled, pre-chopped fresh herbs added.


ingredients to soup to get the most delicious and flavorful, cooked chicken livers and hearts are roasted in a pan.To do this in a saucepan pour a little oil, and much of his warm up.Then he spread the onion half rings and fry them until brown.Thereafter, thereto was added chicken liver and hearts.Stir the components of salt and pepper to taste.When the ingredients are browned, remove them immediately from the stove.

presents soup to the dinner table

brew a creamy vegetable soup, poured it into small pigeon.There is also a soup puree added previously roasted chicken hearts, livers and onion half rings.If you want, you can pour over the dish and a small amount of vegetable oil, which prepared meat products.

Serve a lunch to the table, it is desirable together with a slice of bread and fresh vegetables.


As you can see, to cook soup with chicken liver is not very difficult.If you want to get a healthy dish, do not recommend roasting meat products and vegetables in oil.In the case of children's dinner should be simply removed from the broth, and after the soup puree - again put into the pot.So you get fewer calories, but more useful dinner that will appreciate all the members of your family.