Base makeup: Why and how to use it?

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Have you ever thought about why women in some cosmetics on her face kept flawlessly, smoothly and steadily throughout the day, while others do not "stand" and a couple of hours?What is the secret of this phenomenon?- It's simple!In the first case, a beautiful lady does not forget to use a base for make-up.

beauty industry has four main types of databases - a lipstick, a tone for the face, eye shadow and mascara.Databases facilitate the uniform application of funds and contribute to its more consistent effect.So, shadows do not crumble, skin tone is not slipping, lipstick and mascara does not tarnish on the eyelashes do not fray - and it's all thanks to the unique cosmetic products!

Base under tone

Required attribute of professional make-up to create a luxurious way to fashion shows and shootings.To tone the face was radiant, while maintaining the original appearance, even under intense spotlight and flashes of cameras, makeup artists applied to the tool.However, resistance does not make up the main function of the bases for the tone, they also ground dull and moisturize the skin, giving fresh face.But only in the case if you made the right choice in favor of the kind of tools.Be sure to be guided by your skin type.If oily skin - use matting databases if dry - moisturizing.

cosmetic properties of databases are achieved through the content of silicones.They help tone means that you bear the following, evenly distributed over the surface of the skin, filling irregularities, pores, creases and wrinkles.

How to apply? Base - auxiliary product, so it should be used in tandem with other tools.First, apply a day cream for the face, wait until it is completely absorbed, then cover the base of the tone of the face, and then complete the application of tonal resources.Be careful!Even if the bottle is written to the database that the product contains moisturizing ingredients, it does not negate the need for applying day cream and tonal resources.

base for lipstick

The effectiveness of these databases is directly proportional to the content of oils, waxes and polymers.If the database contains a minimal amount of, or did not include some of the positions at all about quality moisture and the formation of a soft and delicate texture of the lips do not have to think.The maximum for this base - comfortable feeling after application.

qualitative tool has a caring properties and is suitable for daily use.As a rule, manufacturers of cosmetics consumer oriented on a combination of bases with lipstick line.They not only work well in tandem, but also complement each other.But if you use the base and different brands of lipstick - the effect may disappoint.

How to apply? Coat a thin layer of the base surface of the lips and allow to fully dry.In the case of a wax base can skip this step if you are using a base in the form of an emulsion - wait 30-40 seconds, it will be enough.After apply lipstick.

base for mascara

should be chosen by taking into account the wishes of their own to achieve a result.If your goal - to strengthen the lashes and promote their growth - the need to strengthen the base.If you want the effect of false eyelashes, and their maximum length - choose extender base.

It should be noted that the effect of reinforcing the database will not be instantaneous.On the first results can only speak after two months of regular use.The fact that the time base required for reconstruction of the eyelashes.

But base for eyelashes transform instantly, as they provide a visual effect.Due to the content of the special elastic fibers lengthen lashes in seconds.

How to apply?Reinforcing base applied in one or two layers over the entire surface of the cilia, and lengthening - only on the tips, as can weight the lashes and promote the formation of lumps after applying mascara.

Base under the shadow of

They form a protective layer (primer) between the decorative shadows and delicate skin eyelids.In view of the database structure contribute to a tight fit shadow to the eyelids, preventing skin dryness.As a rule, under the shade of the base have fixing properties - provide lasting results hold cosmetics, absorb excess fat.Caring components database, to which you should pay attention when buying - natural extracts and oils, talc, beeswax, vitamins A and E.

How to apply? There are two ways.First - using light tapping motions on the surface of a century fingertips.Second - through a special brush for make-up, followed by the distribution of the database on the skin with your fingers.Choose the method is more convenient for you, on the impact of the application is not affected.

Spotless your make-up and stable cosmetic effect!

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