How to cook sweet tomatoes for the winter?

Desserts do not have these tomatoes irrelevant.It's a home-made.Tomatoes marinated in it.With the addition of sugar, vegetable leaves sweet taste, unusual.So it turns out, and onions - crisp, not at all bitter.I do not think that twist this home need to take special harvesting tomatoes - cherry, cocktail, Grape or "ox heart".Suit all sorts, including an ordinary Our "cream".The main condition - that the tomatoes are whole, without rot and moderately mature.

tomatoes Dessert: Recipe

Tomatoes Wash and cut into pieces.If they are small, it is possible to use integers.Naturally, with cherry and Grape need to remove tails and twigs.Banks prosterizizovat.Onion (the amount can be correlated according to your taste preferences) cut into rings.In the prepared liter jar pour a soup spoon of vegetable oil.Now sypem spices: laurel leaf 2-3, 5-6 and 3-4 pea black things fragrant, 10 - white pepper, 2-3 buds of cloves, a teaspoon of dried basil.Now, stacked layers of sweet tomatoes and onions .Rings that brings tears vegetables should crown the top of our pyramid.

marinade (for 1 kg of tomatoes)

first steamed small amount of boiling water, 15 g of gelatin.Pour into a saucepan liter of water, add a large spoonful of salt and twice as much sugar (tomatoes a dessert!) And put a pot on the stove.Once the liquid starts to boil, pour it dissolved gelatin.Cook is not necessary: ​​just stir and turn off the fire.Pour the marinade on the banks.Again we put them sterilized quarter of an hour or a little more.Then add a spoonful of vinegar jars and sealed.Once they have reached room temperature, put the dessert tomatoes in the refrigerator to form a jelly.

Another recipe

try to make the home preparation differently.Tomatoes we shall cut slices (bow, as in the first recipe, rings).At the bottom of the banks pour the butter and put a bay leaf and pepper-peas.All other spices (remains set to add half spoon cinnamon) go into the marinade which sugars must be three times higher than the salt.Liquid filling should be boiled for at least a quarter of an hour.Then cool and strain.Only then pour the marinade per liter 150 ml of vinegar.Fill them sweet tomatoes.Banks put sterilized and sealed.As you can see, the gelatin in this recipe is not being used.

third way to harvesting tomatoes

tomatoes cut in half.At the bottom liter cans laid inflorescence dill, two cloves of garlic, laurel leaf, some peppercorns, tarragon, a sprig of fresh parsley.Pour a spoonful of oil.We put tomato halves.As you can see - no onions!Fill them marinade prepared from water, sugar and salt (the latter ingredients in the ratio 3: 1).Add the tomatoes dessert spoon of vinegar and roll up the bank.You can add as an experiment, a sprig of mint and cinnamon on the tip of the knife.To control the flavor in the marinade can sprinkle a little citric acid.