Personnel management in crisis

personnel management - activities aimed at providing businesses with qualified personnel, their effective use and development in order to maximize the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole.

Regarding the effective use of human resources, the main tool for influencing the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of each individual employee is motivation.On the basis of these or other types of motivation, distinguish such methods of personnel management:

  • economic method - involves only economic means of motivation, such as wages, bonuses, cash bonuses and other;
  • organizational and administrative method - motivation prescriptive, based on the authority of the head, unquestioning obedience, and a high level of discipline among the staff;
  • socio-psychological method - the moral and psychological stimulation and promotion of employees, based on the psychological portraits of employees and various psychological techniques.

Separately allocate an activity as a crisis management staff of the organiza

tion, which is a series of decisions and actions on human resources management in general, with the sole purpose - to preserve the viability of the enterprise in the crisis with minimal loss of human resources.

Personnel Management during the crisis include the following issues and challenges:

  • the formation of a special team of senior and middle management, the ability to adapt the company to changing market conditions;
  • preservation of the most valuable human resources of the enterprise - experienced professionals, managers and workers who contribute to the development and activities of the company which is maximal;
  • not reducing human resource capacity, and bringing it to the most efficient organizational structure that meets all the requirements of the enterprise under the changed market conditions;
  • decrease (in an ideal - complete elimination of) social and psychological tension in the team, the level of distrust of the leadership.

One of the most important points to ensure that the management staff of the organization during the crisis will have a maximum efficiency is the selection of the correct personnel policy.

There are four basic types of crisis management personnel policy:

  • passive - action of both staff and management do not have a clearly defined plan and usually aimed at eliminating the negative effects of the crisis;
  • active - the company's management has full information and forecasts of market crisis and has methods and means of exposure to the crisis as a whole;
  • reactive - Management is a general supervision and control of individual symptoms of the crisis, implementing some of the actions aimed at the localization of negative impacts;
  • preventive - from active differs only in the lack of means and methods of influence on crisis management at the organization.

properly plan the management staff of the organization - one of the most important conditions that enable the company to stay afloat in any crisis situation.