Human resources - is the foundation of any enterprise

Manpower - is the main productive force of society, which includes a workable percentage of the population is able to participate in community service activities, as well as in the production of spiritual wealth and variety of services.The population may be economically active and inactive.The first call all employed and unemployed people.The economically inactive population category includes part of society, does not work due to some reasons (are household, caring for children or sick people, etc.), old-age pensioners on favorable terms, as well as disabled workers are not receivingpension.

By Western statistics, in the same category include full-time students.But Russian statistics of students refers to the occupied population.In other words, the labor force - is part of society, possessing suitable for conducting work physique and intellectual abilities.

consider this concept worldwide.Global labor force - economically active percentage of the population distributed by countries.Due to the underdevelopment of developing countries, the share of the working population in them is only 45-55%.Developed countries comprise about 70% of the economically active population constituting the workforce in the world.This situation is primarily associated with unemployment, sometimes reaching 10% of the total working population.

structure of the workforce of the company divides the entire staff to work on it in the following subcategories:

• Industrial production staff (PPP), which is engaged in the production, as well as its maintenance.These include all those employed in productive activities and service workers workshops, laboratories, plant management, data centers, etc..

• Staff non-commercial organizations - are employees belonging to the enterprise housing, health care, child care and others.

Workers RFP is divided intoworkers and employees.The first group includes employees of the company engaged in the creation of directly produced product or rendering of industrial services.Among employees allocate category managers (empowered), professionals and their employees (exercise leadership and organization of the production process).

used in the enterprise workforce - the so-called frames.Human Resources Enterprise is the set of workers employed in the enterprise and its constituent payroll, ie,recruited associated with the activities of the enterprise.It is necessary to distinguish the concept of "employee", "frames" and "human resources"."Personnel" enterprise characterize the entire composition of employees working both temporary and permanent, skilled and unskilled.The term "personnel" refers to full-time, ie,Permanent, part qualified employees."Manpower Company" refers to all potential employees.

frames companies are also divided by industry, occupation and level of qualification.Profession called a kind of work that requires the possession of certain practical skills and theoretical knowledge.The specialty is a kind of activity, defined within the profession, and has certain specific features.Function calls from the worker any additional knowledge and skills.Within each specialty and profession experts differ on the qualification level, characterizing the degree of complexity of the type of work performed by the employee at this level.