Business brokers are not agent!

the Internet you can find plenty of sites of business brokers or realtors that are expressed as a negative in relation to each other.Such incompetence does not allow a potential customer to select the person who needs it.

These two professions are very different from each other, have their nuances and their tasks at work.Whom to choose in the end?

tasks in the business brokers and realtors intersect only in that they help each other to reduce the buyer and seller, as well as get their commission on every transaction carried out.For the rest, everyone does their orientation.

often confuse many simply sell the property and sell ready-made business.

So agent engaged in residential real estate.He can give you the answers to such questions as: "Is it possible to transform the two rooms into one?", "Where are the load-bearing walls?", Etc.The responsibilities include negotiating realtor, show flats, the organization deals.Realtors spend mortgage deal, pick up loans to clients.Often you can find among realtors fraudsters who, for example, you sell the property, which has already bought or does not exist.

business broker will be more difficult to cheat you.Business broker working with commercial real estate.It works just with the current business.

Business broker should have the knowledge in law and accounting services, as before the transaction, he should explain to the buyer certain aspects, nuances answer any customer questions about the process of selling a business, without resorting to other specialists.If the broker amateur, you can be faced with incorrect answers to your questions.You will immediately appear to mistrust such a person, leading to the fact that you refuse the services of the broker.Therefore, during the negotiations, you can immediately evaluate whether to trust the sale of their business is the business broker.It offers a business broker resort when their own to sell the operating business is very difficult.

In the market you can find realtors who deal with "the wrong business."Realtors are starting to try themselves in the business broker, but their skills in real estate does not work in business sales.Operating business is ordered and complex system, in which the intervention will affect profits.Therefore, methods of work realtors in selling businesses are ineffective, except for the business objects that are based on real estate, namely putting it out.

should result in a few more differences Business Broker Agent:

1. Business broker works mostly with people rather than with the object as a realtor.Business broker does not undertake the sale of the business until it sees the business itself, did not speak about all the nuances and the seller does not understand that the business really works.

2. Confidentiality sales business.Business broker does not indicate in its offer Contact seller.Since taking business for sale, business broker becomes a mediator, and all negotiations are conducted through it.The exact identity of the vendor and the place of the finished business are not disclosed until the meeting with a potential buyer.This is to ensure that competitors and employees of the business did not recognize the sale of the object.

3. The price of ready business is not overstated.If negotiations recognized the difference between the declared price and the actual price, then customers will simply leave.Therefore, a business broker is not beneficial to inflate the price.He finished the business puts on sale at a price objective.

4. Business broker comes to selling businesses more fundamental than a realtor.For Realtors, it is important to find the property, to find a buyer, and keep them together.In a business broker the path more difficult.It negotiates on behalf of the client, performs a number of necessary measures by presales support to the verification procedures of business before buying.

5. Business broker must understand the principles of the sale of the operating business, see its strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to the seller as a better and more profitable to sell his business.

Now you can easily approach the selection of the right person to you.The choice is simple: sell real estate - you to the realtor, sell finished business - choose a business broker.