How to take from clients Recommendation

Hello friends!Today my morning started with a mini-study on how to take the recommendations from customers and use them effectively in business.In addition to my experience, I was looking for stories of other people who have successfully used this useful skill.

as a creative retreat, I note that such studies often spend.Especially when writing to their customers sell advertising copy on request.

I sit down, sit back, pour yourself tea and with a head dive into the Internet.Not less than an hour to crawl on different sites, forums.I am learning that the commodity buyers and sellers wrote.To try to discover the needs and problems that can be solved by this product.

So this time.Thinking about how you introduce the topic, my readers, my choice fell on the recommendations.

That's what I love recommendations?

Because a large percentage of them are very large sales.

The fact that I have brought the recommendation itself is incredibly good customers, who are not able to go out with other types of advertising.In addition, customers are much more likely to make the orders and they have more confidence in the company.

So, in this article I have collected the real gems on how to take the recommendations from customers.

Let's start with the fact that the recommendations are both active and passive.

active - are the ones about which you are asking openly in conversation.For example, "And who of your friends would be interested in this product?Could you give me his contact?

A passive - it is when you do not ask aloud.And, for example, served advertising: "Bring a friend, get 1000 rubles!".

way, amusing observation: the coolest pieces of advice I dug those who have successfully engaged in network marketing.On their websites and blogs are sometimes contained as much useful information on which businesses turn up his nose, without considering it necessary to just pop in and read!And for good reason.

So, here they are, the different ways to take tips!

Method 1.

call the customer and offer him free to try one of your services as a test.In return, ask to send on behalf of several letters of recommendation of his friend, after agreeing with him the text.The meaning of this text is about the "here I tried this product and I really enjoyed it.He received such and such a favor.I would like to share with you my impressions. "

Method 2. also offer free to test one of your products (services).In return, the right to ask for his phone sometimes give their potential customers to them, he expressed his positive opinion on this product.


This is a living example.One of the international companies give their clients the folder in which not only the written responses of different directors, but their cell phones so you can call and have a conversation about the benefits they received.

method 3.

Also, as in the past 2 ways to provide service to the test, but instead to take a detailed review in writing.In addition it would be out of place at the same time ask for more and record video review, in which he talks about the following: "I am the director of such a company.I had a problem.And so I came to the company, "Barnyard" and found a solution ... I think you understand more.

method 4.

ad Post: "Bring a friend - get 1000 rubles!".But usually, such a method brings a result if a constant action and not short.So gradually, those who had already received 1,000 rubles begin to spread rumors about this, providing a slow but steady growth in sales.

method 5.

can be printed on the business card, "you and your friends with this business card a lifetime discount of 3% for all services" and distribute it to each client that you have made an order.Pluses are obvious: such a card no one will throw!Because each business card holder will disturb the thought: "Lifetime discount ... And suddenly come in handy ?!" And another plus is that you give him a direct hint, saying between the lines, it is possible to more family and friends to help.

method 6.

But active-passive method.Once a person has used your product or service, you ask him to fill out a comment at the end of which it is written: "Who of your friends will be interested in your opinion our service?" And below are a few lines with tips "Name _____________ Telephone _____________".

And to significantly increase the probability of writing contacts acquaintances say:

«Here I have some great gifts to choose from.If you write at least 5 contacts, you can choose a gift. »

But that's not all!

To make this recommendation still better, after writing contacts add: "But I ask you to tell these people that you try our product and that you left their contacts.Because we do not call those who are not waiting for our call and does not want to talk to us. "

A stunning example of this method, you can read on the site of one of the distributors of "Mary Kay", here is the link.

Method 7.

And here's another one of the active methods, it uses one of my friends a businessman.Through a personal meeting with a client, he says bluntly, "Do you have friends that this topic might be interesting?Let's call this friend now?You describe him vkradtse, what's going on and give the phone to me and I'll tell him when you have a few words? "Method, of course, amazingly arrogant.But when it comes to confidence, it works most of the time!However, usually it works with regular customers, with whom you have a warm relationship, and that really got a great result from the cooperation with you.

Now, important notes, without which it is better not to take up the case.

  1. should be a really good relationship with the client, the maximum warm.For this purpose it is necessary to maintain a dialogue with him, congratulates (better person on the phone).
  2. Really good services or useful items.The client must be satisfied.And if you manage to make him the admiration it without some kind of compensation you would recommend.Tested!
  3. If ASSUME written recommendation, be sure to tell the referees that you want to see from the recommendations for what it is not to get a lot of nice words, but the specific use is not written.Judge for yourself, you would have gone for a review "I really enjoyed working with this company!They are so nice and polite! "Or" I need customers and orders.I went to the company and received a lot of calls and orders amounting to more than five hundred thousand. "We compare?See the difference?

you enjoyed this article?

learn something useful?

then send it to their friends and you say "Thank you!" (And they are, and I!)