Water heater.

huge amount of water heating proiborov on the market.How to choose and how to set up to help professionals, but for the general information you need to know:

Classification of water heaters.

All water heaters can be divided as follows:

1) by the method of heating water: on savings (gas, electric, indirect heating) and flow (gas water heaters and electric)

2) the type of energy source - in the electricity and gas

Storage water heater has a main inner tank in which there is the process of heating the water.The water is heated to 70-90 degrees, and further supported by the required temperature using the thermostat.Most storage electric water heaters mounted in the horizontal or vertical position on the wall with brackets poioschyu.Storage type electric water heater is a tank with an electric heating element (heating elements) inside and outside the outer casing.The thermostat controls the mode of operation of electric heaters.Gas Storage operating principle is similar to the storage, but instead of electricity is used as heating gas, which is burned in the combustion chamber and transfers heat to the water in the tank.

on the market the following manufacturers of water heaters: AEG, BOSCH, thermex, Electrolux, timberk, Oso, Evan and others.

instantaneous water heater works on display flowing water flow through the heat exchanger.This usually electrical or gas heaters (or common - geysers).A feature of this type of heater is that they operate only during consumption of hot water, which greatly increases their efficiency.But this places high demands on the power device, because in a short time the water flow it needs to be heated to the desired temperature.

for hot water supply of small country houses can be successfully used boiler of indirect heating (a system of hermetic isolation tank with integrated heat exchanger).Its principle of operation is based on the transfer of heat from the coolant through the internal heat exchanger to the coolant heating system.Due to mounting the heat exchanger over the whole height of the tank, the water in the boiler is warmed evenly.External insulation of the tank prevents excessive heat loss to the external environment, and thus efficient to improve the heating system as a whole.

To date, the most popular type of water heater flow is BOSCH, Stiebel Eltron, AEG.

Buy duchshe all water heating equipment in specialized stores, the choice of instrument is necessary to pay attention to the production of the country, the warranty conditions, the availability of authorized service centers.Among all the selection is better to look in the direction of European or Russian izbigat water heaters and Chinese manufacturers, whose quality is significantly inferior.