How to clean a coin into the home of dirt and grime?

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Numismatics - a popular hobby.Sometimes it is necessary to clean and modern coins, stain for one reason or another.What are the means used to remove contaminants than remove oxidation?How to clean a coin at home in a safe way and correctly identify the material from which it is made?

Primary treatment

First we need to remove the dirt.All metals are well tolerated in normal washing.In a suitable size container dilute soap solution, soak the coin for a few minutes, then clean them with a soft cloth or brush.Pay special attention to the relief elements.Then rinse with warm product with clean water and polish with a dry cloth.This manipulation is not difficult to perform amateur collectors.Much more difficult to answer the question of how to clean the coin at home if there are signs of oxidation.It is important to correctly identify the material from which the product is made.The easiest way - to find a coin in an existing directory and read the description, or take it for evaluation in an antique shop.

How to clean the old silver coin from?

With precious metal traces of oxidation of bad removes the usual baking soda.The powder should be wet to the consistency of a thick slurry and process this mass of the coin.If silver low sample, remove plaque yourself quite easy.Immerse the product in pure lemon juice and leave for a couple of hours.How to clean a coin in the home, if the sample of silver above 625 minutes?There are several reliable methods.You can use ammonia, zilbertaushbader or sour fixer.All of these substances are used as solutions.At the bottom of the container is put fabric on it, and poured the coins laid actively working staff.After a while all the products you need to turn, finally rinse with clean water.Adds shine silver coins can be using tooth powder.

How to clean a coin in the home, if it is made of copper, zinc or iron?

Brass products, covering a specific greenish patina, it is practically impossible to return to the original view yourself.Such education is called "verdigris", and to cope with it could only professional conservators in the lab.If you do not know how to clean an old copper coin from dirt and give it shine, try to soak it in vinegar.A solution of this material should be stronger than 10%.Immerse the product into the container and the liquid soak time.

Coins of iron and zinc is purified by means of hydrochloric acid.This operation is not always easy to perform at home.If you do decide, be sure to use personal protective equipment, and control the processing of metals.The algorithm is simple.Coins are soaked in acid, then touch it cleaned off with a stiff brush.At the end of the product rinsed with clean water and polished cloth.Note that the collectors are not taken at face value from all types of pollution.Some types of plaque, on the contrary, consider noble and it is for them determine the age of the subject.