nephropathy pregnant

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nephropathy pregnant even called late toxicosis.This disease is characterized such features as systematic high blood pressure and protein in the urine.In general, it is safe to say that pregnant nephropathy - a complicated course of pregnancy in the second half.

The disease tends to progress, resulting in serious consequences, both for the mother and for the unborn baby.Nephropathy pregnancy can disrupt blood clotting, cause fading in the later stages of pregnancy, fetal growth retardation in the womb and even fetal death.

The main symptoms of this disease:

- the high content of protein in the urine;

- high blood pressure;

- permanent swelling;

- increase the level of uric acid in the blood;

- necrosis, which leads to acute renal failure;

- reduction in blood flow to the kidneys.

As for the pressure of a pregnant, it is necessary to check the dynamics, rather than taking a single measure.Treatment of surgical methods, usually, do not bring the expected results.Therefore, patients with a diagnosis of nephropathy pregnant women must be called artificial birth and caesarean section.If the diagnosis can not procrastinate, because from the first symptoms to severe stages of the disease may take 3 weeks or maybe 2 days.The disease affects almost all organs of the pregnant woman, because it acts on the blood vessels.Damaging their walls in the kidney and placenta, violates the bloodstream.

causes of such diseases as nephropathy pregnant women in medicine is poorly.But the main factors that lead to the development of this disease is still isolated.First of all - this is the age of the pregnant woman.The disease can develop at too young or expectant mothers, or vice versa.Second, without significance hereditary trait.If the old one suffered this disease, you should also be wary of him, and tell your doctor in advance to this fact.Third, the multiple pregnancy.And, fourthly, of course, diseases that have appeared before the pregnancy, such as diabetes mellitus, elevated blood pressure, kidney disease and problems with excess weight.It is also believed that the risk of developing the disease in the first pregnancy is 15 times higher than the next.

Nephropathy - this, unfortunately, is not the only disease that lies in wait for future moms.Kidney problems in pregnancy are also very common.A few simple rules will help you avoid aggravation of these diseases.Diet, the correct mode of the day, the lack of hypothermia and limited fluid intake and salt - all of this will help you.If you still have not managed to avoid the aggravation, the treatment should be carried out by two doctors: the therapist and gynecologist.

pain in the kidneys during pregnancy and not only can cause such diseases: cystitis, pyelonephritis, kidney stones and many others.

Cystitis inflamed bladder mucosa.Infection can occur due to stagnation of urine in the ureters.Ignore the disease and to self - contraindicated.The consequences of the lack of proper treatment are very serious.It is premature and difficult birth, and the birth of a baby with low birth weight.

pyelonephritis - an inflammation of the kidneys, accompanied by the same symptoms as cystitis.But beyond that it observed also fever and pain in the back.

Kidney stones are rare, but still there are such cases.When the manifestation of the disease, like any other, urgently need to contact a professional for help.

Follow simple rules and diet, then you and your future baby will be healthy.