Integration Processes

Translated from the Latin "integration" means the merger, the connection of individual parts into a whole, the overall, single.The general definition can be formulated as a union, convergence or merge parts form a common, coherent whole, but at the same time preserving their identity.Countries may converge, forming various associations, such as trade, economic, political, cultural and so on, thus preserving their national identity.The main purpose of integration include the expansion of the volume of goods and services, which are based on efficient provision of activities, such as the integration processes in the trade.

Integration also includes in its definition of processes and phenomena in different spheres of society and the state: political, cultural, economic and others.Integration processes in the world today are examples of movements of a particular system in which the relationship becomes stronger members and their independence at the same time decreases, begin to appear new forms of interaction.As before, and now, in the era of soremennyh technology, integration processes are accompanied by significant progress in science, economy, culture and even politics.

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development of such processes in the modern world on the micro and macro levels - an important sign of integration.At the micro level integration occurs through the interaction of the individual funds of companies and enterprises through the formation of economic agreements, transactions and contracts between them through the establishment of branches in other countries.Integration processes can also be created in other areas besides the economic.At the macro level is the integration of global and regional.It is based on the development of the global market, manufacturing and communications.

In the modern world in the economic field, there are several forms and types of integration processes.One of the simplest forms is a free trade zone.In a different area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade barriers between the countries concerned in the Union are canceled and removed trade duties.The second form can be called a customs union.In addition to its free trade zone set even external tariff, common to all, and conducted foreign trade policy in relation to other countries.

third, more complex form of the integration process, it is a common market.It provides the member states and the free mutual trade, and a single external tariff, free movement of labor and, consequently, the capital, as well as the coordination of economic policy.And finally, the highest form of interstate integration in the economy - an economic and monetary union, which combines all of the above forms of integration.At this stage, there is political integration with its unified government.

Along with integration processes occur and special units, which is a feature of their successful development at regional level.