Whether printing, SP?

hard to imagine a document signed by the Director of the company, but without printing.However, it happens ... happens to individual entrepreneurs.That says about the law?Whether printing, SP?

And the law (Civil Code, the law on IP, other acts) these rights of the individual entrepreneur on its own seal.That's right, not an obligation.The power of attorney, internal documents of the organization, tax records and other documents are valid and without printing, subject to the signature of the individual entrepreneur.And can open a bank account (though not every bank will do it).

However, everything was not so clear when this issue went to the Supreme Court.There addressed the individual entrepreneur and Bar Association to recognize unauthorized Regulation administration of his city, which contained a requirement to have a seal SP, and its absence means for the individual entrepreneur are some limitations in its activities.The Court concluded that the essence of a business turn requires entrepreneurs

to have a seal, and it is - self-evident norm.But the city administration had no right to declare the lack of printing as a violation of the law in its judgment, much less limit the rights of entrepreneurs.

considered in detail, is what the essence of the business turnover.The fact that there are documents that provide for the availability of the print management of labor books (seal affixed at dismissal and hiring), strict reporting forms, and others.

In addition, partners, suppliers, lenders are unlikely to cooperate with the individual entrepreneur, if he does not have the print.Its absence does not inspire confidence in the company.

Order prints SP is quite simple and inexpensive (about 400 rubles.).It makes no sense to try to avoid these costs.Stamps can be automatic, semi-automatic and manual.The most expensive, the price comes to 700 p.- This is the first, and certainly they are more convenient (aim, hit, print ready);the cheapest - it's the last (150 p.) Either of these types of printing last a long time (a few years will need to change the pillow with paint).If you need a seal with a higher degree of protection against forgery - it certainly will increase its cost.

Supreme Court justices offer on this matter proceed by analogy, that is,focus on the requirements for publication of the legal entity (the Societies for №208; a law on non-profit organizations and other №7).Thus, from certain federal laws can understand what should be printed SP: round, with the name in Russian.It can also be displayed logo or trademark, which allow to identify a company, iedo not confuse it with any other.When ordering prints, you can choose your favorite design from the ready-made.Assure and harmonize the content of the press do not need to any authority.

Print sample SP and legal.persons can be found on the Internet.Printing can contain the following data: at the bottom of TIN, BIN, and in the center of the surname, name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur, at the top - the address of the company.It can be different: in the first place the address of the outer circle, the second - number in the third, the last inner circle name under which or on which can accommodate a sign, emblem.This may be a picture of an animal, a car, branches, the emblem of the Russian Federation, lettering, etc.

Summing up the above, we note the following.The company can survive for some time without printing, and nobody has the right to punish you for it, did not even have the right to refuse your registration SP!But sooner or later you will start trouble because of the lack of printing.Therefore it is better to spend a couple of days (for the development of the logo, for the manufacture), but get the press IP and already as a serious representative to enter into agreements to provide reports, prepare internal documentation, keep employment records, finally ...