How much is to open the SP?

Almost every citizen, not satisfied with his wages, reflects on the topic in order to work for themselves and not for his uncle.Individual entrepreneur - it sounds good and attracts limitless prospects for the development of their vested business and solid earnings in the future.

If there is a rather unique, but it does not fly away into the clouds idea, have the financial base, assistants and some experience in accounting (or, alternatively, excellent ability to learn), the case for small - to solve some organizational issues.First, you must figure out how much it costs to open the SP.

The market is replete with suggestions of companies willing to help with the solution of this problem, although in fact there is no big deal, and, oddly enough, the price is acceptable.Generally speaking, how much it cost to issue the SP, is directly dependent on the method of its design: its own or through specialized companies that offer this type of legal services.It should make a reservation that this procedure is quite complicated.

  1. Of course, you must pay the state: a fee of 800 rubles.Pay for it in any branch of the bank.
  2. 1000 rubles per notarization of signatures.
  3. Making the most simple and ordinary printing will cost about 400 rubles.More technically advanced types of seals, including mechanical equipment, will cost about 800 rubles.
  4. to open a bank account will have to pay from 700 to 2,000 rubles.This amount also includes bank charges.

So I repeat the question: how much is open IE?Answer:

  • with minimum cost and with maximum success - 2900 rubles;
  • with the highest costs and luck, alas, at a low level - up to 4600 local currency units.

sum in the first and second scenario is low.As usual, we have a little bit of traveling on the chain of command, posobirat some pieces of paper, but you can be sure that everything was done in good faith and according to instructions.This is the question of whether or not the opening consigns SP intermediary companies.

However, if you are saying "time is money" is not just empty words, and it is neither the time nor the desire to travel around the state institutions in search of help or need paper, there are many companies offering legal services.So, how much is open IE through intermediaries such depend on behalf of the company, the period of the inquiry, as well as other additional offers and services.

In general, the entire layout of IP through such companies will cost about 3,000 rubles.Some companies while offering a nice bonus, such as the production of print as a gift, advice on legal questions concerning not only how much is open IE, but also with regards to filling in the necessary documents.

The company also offer a variety of such services, for example, they are ready to provide only advice on the application form for opening SP.The cost of such services will be about 200 rubles.

It is also necessary to have in mind the fact that the documents eventually (even if they are decorated in a law firm), will have to apply yourself.As an option: You can issue the power of attorney for the commission of filing in the name of the company representative.Expenditures in this situation of affairs, of course, increased.

Often, business start-ups in addition to the question of "how much SP" raises another question: How long does the process of registration.Typically, the process is short-lived, registration takes about 7 working days.

In addition, be aware that you can only open the SP at the place of residence postoyannooy.Availability of temporary registration rule out such a possibility.