How to choose a foundation for beds.

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Choosing a bed - it is rather complicated and troublesome.Often in the process raised some questions, such as what size and design of the most appropriate, which determines the service life, price and so on.When buying bedroom furniture we usually forget to pay attention to the bedstead.But to do so is necessary, if the base is chosen correctly, the dream, and hence the rest are inferior, even with high-quality orthopedic mattress.

What is the foundation of the bed?

night person rests and relaxes, that is quality sleep depends on the convenience of a berth.The main role in this is the right choice of mattress and bed linen.The base - this is the place for its location and support.In most cases, the bottom is made of particle board, wood and metal.Beds and the reasons for them are single and double.They differ in width, the length of the standard at all.Sample size, which has a double bed for base - 140x200, 160h200,180h200, 200x200 cm. Single bed has a size - 90x200 cm.

Pros use orthopedic bases for beds

Selecting the base is an important factor when buying a bed,since:

1. prolongs the life of the mattress.

2. There is an even distribution of load, which contributes to more efficient orthopedic action.

3. There is a natural air ventilation.

4. If necessary, can replace the bottom of the bed for an extra bed.

rigid base for the bed

solid bottom bed made of boards or plywood sheets are not attached to one another, it is now no longer relevant, such furniture has long gone.It is proved that relying on a rigid base, the mattress loses its original orthopedic properties, that is starting to sink and forced.Inflexible rigid bottom is at risk of a fractured due to some effects, such as jumping on the bed of the child or the pressure of the body weight of an overweight person.But, despite these apparent shortcomings, proponents of the classical solid floor is still there.It is believed that the basis for the beds, the price is significantly lower than today's similar products, perfect for any type of mattresses, including thin, that is not orthopedic.Rigid base creating for them a solid support, which is essential for a smooth provision of the human spine.

grounds of wooden slats

Currently especially popular slatted bed base, which is a wooden or metal frame.To her specially mounted straight or bent and glued slats.The material for the strips is birch or beech.Beech slats birch battens expensive, but they are much stronger.Reiki Birch are most often used in the models of economy class.

The larger slats used to fabricate a solid foundation for the bed, the durability and reliability of the design.Convenient and comfortable double bed is, in which the base has at least 30 slats.Accordingly, a single bed, there should be not less than 15 pieces.The width of the strips can also vary.Wide slats of 5-9 cm is ideal for springless mattresses and models with dependent springs.The grounds also with narrow slats are suitable for all types.

advantage wooden base there is, first of all, environmental friendliness and economy.It should be noted that an advantage of the base of the tree can be attributed to the fact that they are well ventilated, and this is important especially for continuous operation.Besides advantages, wooden base for a bed has its drawbacks, these are the main ones:

1. Since there is no foundation strips between the supports, with time mattress becomes wavy, so it is recommended to periodically turn.

2. Term of operation will be small if the slats do not have the required shape and elasticity.

Plastic base Plastic base for a bed spring elements are made of plastic.Quite often, such arrangements are equipped with remote controls to adjust the bed.

The advantages of plastic bases are:

- excellent support;

- long service life, which is more than 15 years;

- strength;

- ease of use.

disadvantages of plastic bases are bad airing the bottom of the mattress, which affects the hygienic bed, and high cost.

metal base

metal base or grid is the oldest, if not already obsolete option.But in spite of this, such a design for the bed has a lot of positive characteristics are the main ones:

- long life - more than 25 years;

- good orthopedic properties;

- a relatively low cost in relation to the price of the enumerated grounds.

disadvantage of metal substrates is rigidity.And also the fact that the assembly of bed on this basis requires certain skills and knowledge.

Convertible base for beds

after a hard day, some people are buzzing and swollen feet, and rest even on a comfortable mattress does not bring the desired effect.On the advice of the doctors, you need to put his feet above his head, to establish blood flow.But how to do it right, because if you put a pillow under your feet, swelling of the legs in the morning will be gone, but the pain in your joints from stress because the body all night was in an uncomfortable position.To improve the quality of sleep and relaxation mechanisms have been designed transformable beds, which may take the form, convenient for the hosts.

Some models with convertible bed base, equipped with the electric drive, which allows you to change the position of the head or legroom, that is to change the height.This makes it possible to transform and create a berth based on their preferences and desires.Only when it is necessary to take into account that not every mattress fit.For the convertible base best option would be springless mattress without rigid fillers.Also remember that these beds are much more high-priced.

Beds transformers

Save space in the room to help beds, equipped with a lifting mechanism.Such furniture is compact, comfortable and has an original design.The main types of beds, Transformers:

1. bunk bed that has a basis for lifting the bed.Inside is a spacious linen box.

2. Triple bed-transformers.Ideal for large families.These models do not take up much space, and they can accommodate three people at once.

3. Sofa bed with orthopedic base with round sizes 2-2.2 m.

Orthopedic collapsible base for bed

Thanks to choose the right base for a bed, a mattress does not change its properties, that is not deformed,"breathes" and, consequently, longer serves its owners.Choosing a collapsible base for orthopedic beds, you should take into account certain parameters that must be met by each manufacturer of furniture like this:

- standard size slats;

- the distance between the rails is not less than 70 mm;

- for a single bed orthopedic base made with one row of racks;

- grill for a double bed is equipped with two rows of lamellae, has an additional frame, which is located along the length of the bed and serves as a measure for reinforcing the whole construction of a berth;

- orthopedic bed base to be provided with the right amount of legs, which are usually made of the same material as the base itself.

bottom bed can be subjected to disassembly and assembly.This can be done with little effort, as the base to assemble the bed - the process is fairly simple and does not require the possession of special knowledge.Collapsible base design saves space in the living room, plus the entire base is not inferior in quality orthopedic or bottom with solid bars.

When choosing beds and bases necessary to consider many nuances to later not to be disappointed in buying.Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only on the exterior, which is also important, but also on the frame, the bottom and the mattress.Buy furniture based on these recommendations, and then bought the thing will be a long and bring only positive emotions in your life.