How to choose the color of wood for furniture?

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In the interior room all the important details, including the color of wood furniture.In particular it should be considered when there is a need to lighten up the room, if the windows are located due west, and the sun almost does not get into the room.Or, on the contrary, it is necessary to add a little dark shades when the room due to its location most of the day brightly illuminated by sunlight.

In the first case you need to pick a bright furniture, in the second suit dark wood.Photos of many of the interiors make it clear that the color of the furniture as a whole to affect the "mood" of the room.In this article you will find the answer to the question of how to choose the right color of the furniture, to any room in your house or apartment was a model of harmony, elegance and comfort.

color of furniture - the main component of the interior

in any room you need to consider the impact of color when creating an interior.With furniture anywhere in the apartment can be largely changed, and it is very important what color the wood used for the production of furniture that helps to create a cozy atmosphere.Skillful use of color in the choice of interior allows you to change the traditional dwellings, given recent trends.

choosing a color finish of a room, you need to take into account various factors: where the windows (if it's north side, it is better to stay at the warm colors, if South - on the cold), light reflection, light quality, finally,What is the area: living room, kitchen, office, nursery.Bright, rich colors will look best in the dining room or living room.But the blue and white colors associated with water and purity, they are suitable for bathrooms, but do not apply them to the kitchen and dining room, where better to stay on the yellow or orange color.

color combination in the interior

Also, do not forget about the size of the room: bright walls visually reduce the room, dark, on the contrary, increase.For example, orange, yellow, and red, for example, the color "apple" will help turn a large room with a minimal amount of furniture smaller, cozy and comfortable.White and black, purple and blue visually increase the room.

choosing the right color to paint the walls, remember that furniture, curtains, decorative fabrics, curtains should be combined with the walls.If furniture upholstery, bedspread on the couch, curtains - patterned, the walls perform better than smooth.On the question of the choice of colors and their combinations should be approached carefully, carefully weighing all.For example, it is better not to mix green and red, is a combination of hard to understand, especially if the colors are used in equal proportions.Light yellow is excellent background for almost any color (for example, in China yellow background always used to demonstrate the collection of porcelain).Green, on the other hand, bad harmony with other colors but in different shades of that color.

restrained, calm tones are the best background for valuables.For example, the light gray background perfect for the beautiful paintings and solid furniture.The color of the walls definitely need to be combined with the color of the floor and furniture upholstery.

Different rooms - different colors of wood for furniture

In the kitchen, it is best to use light-colored walls combined with light furniture.Contrast can be created, for example, bright decorative items on the shelves, painting, vase, dishes, bright curtains.

If the bathroom is illuminated only by electricity, it is best to use light colors.Recommended light shades of blue, yellow, blue and pink.Pipes and various compounds and plumbing products must be in the same colors.

in the hallways and corridors for the walls you can apply different color.Light wood furniture is ideal for such premises.The ceiling can be a little "lower" if to make it slightly darker than the walls.A similar effect can be achieved if the ceiling and wall portions, adjacent thereto, by 20-35 centimeters lighter dye ink.

The living longer apply neutral or cool colors, this way you will feel a surge of vitality and energy.

for the bedroom, on the contrary, choose warm colors to create comfort and coziness, but the main thing that these colors were used in moderation, and furniture give elegance and accentuate all the sophistication of your room.

wood color, depending on the varieties

So, we suggest you familiarize yourself with colors that are characteristic of different varieties of wood.This knowledge will help to find a common language with the consultant in a furniture showroom, where you need to explain to him what kind of color of the wood you need.

bright shades of wood:

  • Light ash has a yellowish color;
  • pine has a rich yellow-golden color;
  • Karelian birch - quiet yellowish-golden color with small "circles";
  • beech - wood is light in color, with a bright pink shade.


  • oak - brownish color;
  • alder - a mix of beige and reddish hue to many interior color suits "alder", photos of furniture showrooms in many shows all the advantages of wood;
  • cherry - rich reddish reddish shade;
  • apple - brown with a reddish tinge.

dark shades of the wood:

  • walnut - a classic, has a dark brown color;
  • mahogany - dark cherry color;
  • ebony - deep black color.

Common types of wood for furniture

most common option is pine.The tree has a light-yellow or yellowish-red color.This material is too hard wood, but furniture makers attracted ease of processing, and the manufacture of furniture is characterized by sufficient durability and strength.

particularly good quality are the trees that grow in northern latitudes.They are straight, have a good length and different grained, which is also valued in the performance of construction work.

Pros pine is still in the price.Moreover, it is strong and light wood, lends itself well to the effects of woodworking tools, well-kept, and other glue impregnation, much like the color.Pine is usually a low-cost material for furniture as well as doors, window frames and other joinery products, which are widely used in construction and decoration.

Walnut - one of the most popular colors of wood used in the interior.Furniture from this wood is ideal if you prefer a style, classic elegance, modern.With interiors decorated in an autumn color palette harmonizes well, "nut".Photos of furniture made of rich material clearly show that these pieces of furniture give the room a special perfection.

furniture produced from larch, has many advantages.This material belongs to the group of the best in respect of joinery and construction processes.Larch - wood is reddish, wherein excellent strength combined with light weight.This breed is much more stable and stronger than oak and beech.Wood color is special and very popular - it larch.And its resistance to air and to water is due to a high content of resin in the wood.This tree features easy handling, allowing you to get a very high quality and sleek to look at the material.Works from larch products are not afraid of the wormhole, and they practically do not warp.

Oak has a firm and strong wood, wood color - yellow-brown with a pronounced yearly accretions.A variety of products, as well as floor and wall coverings of this type of wood are in demand, as almost the evidence of the high status of the owner, using this material for the arrangement of the room.Wood is a young oak plastic, solid elegant grayish-brown color.But the old tree is different and more delicate yellow timber.By choosing this material, you should take steps to prevent the wormhole.

Let's take a closer look the most used colors for furniture.

White furniture universal

dark colored wood furniture interior gained a lot of popularity because of its practicality, however, and white furniture does not concede anything to her.New technologies make it possible to make the surface that do not have problems in nursing.

White furniture also perfectly accentuate the interior living room, kitchen - she always looks stylish, elegant and expensive.Especially looks gorgeous color "alder".Photo shows the benefits of such solutions.It is no coincidence classical furniture in light colors in Europe now demand.Light furniture is universal and can be used in any style.White color can be different: the small size of the kitchen, he enlarges and platinum, gold and silver dishes white acquire the features of the classical style.

dark furniture - a sign of luxury

dark furniture also looks elegant, but not every color can be in harmony with it.Dark colors give the room a special charm, especially if they are in harmony with the furniture, decoration and lighting.In addition, dark colors can be diluted with pastel and bright colors - such solutions give even more charm, especially the bedroom or living room.

If you want dark brown furniture, the color of the suit, "nut".Photo clearly shows that the furniture looks great, but you need to arrange the interior so that the color does not dominate the room, otherwise it will push.Since the black color itself is heavy, so you must be sure to dilute.A good option will provide black-and-white furniture.This color in the interior should be in harmony with the other tones.Equally stylish and fashionable combination, but the furniture is considered to be more calm in black on a background of green walls.It looks original and extravagant.

Mahogany - chic and elegant

most solid and elegant furniture are considered products made of mahogany.Similar colors of wood for furniture will give respectability to any room, make it a rich and luxurious.Today Mahogany is one of the most common materials in the production of furniture and most sought-after by wealthy buyers.The value of this type of wood is incomparable strength and texture of wood, which makes furniture from mahogany simply unique.

Oak - a reliable and sturdy material

Another popular material for the manufacture of furniture is considered to be an oak.Furniture is endowed with a soothing energy, so products made of oak, normalizes sleep, and purified from the negative energy, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere.Oak furniture is very strong and can last you for many years.Moreover, the furniture began to produce this wood for a long time.If you remember the movie about rich British nobles, they loved to organize elegant receptions in the walls of their castles, and always on solid oak table, hammered different treats.

oak furniture perfectly fits into any interior hallway or living room, emphasizing the aesthetic taste and high status of the owner of the room.

combination of colors with the furniture decorated the walls

How to choose the color of wood furniture so that it fits perfectly into the interior?You can start from the tone of the walls.Here are the different options for color combinations.

white walls.In the case where the white walls of the room, the furniture can be absolutely any shade of dark yellow, red, red-brown, orange, burgundy, brown, blue, lilac, violet, purple, black, green and so on.

green color.Light wood will blend in perfectly with the walls in these colors.But in this case beware buy furniture or turquoise blue.The most suitable option in this situation would be considered such colors: dark red, dark yellow, red and green, brown, purple, dark blue, white, light gray, light orange.

Pink walls will be discordant with red and purple flowers furniture.But harmoniously fit blue, gray and blue furniture.

Light blue walls will not work brown furniture.It is better if the furniture will be dark red, maroon, gray, dark yellow, light blue, dark orange, black, white, dark blue.

Dark brown walls are perfectly combined with the furnishings of dark brown and dark red, as the color "apple."But white and yellow furniture is desirable not to take.

walls dark red suit under furniture in light green, beige, light gray, light blue, white.Do not brown wooden "nut".

Photos show that the gray walls and furniture of red, purple, blue, black, dark gray, brown colors combine well.Furniture orange and white is definitely not suitable.

Gray wall as "do not like" furniture yellow, but you guess, if you choose home furnishings of dark brown, black, red, dark red, blue.

What color to choose furniture - is, of course, everyone's business.But if you want to make your home look harmonious, pay special attention to the color of the wood, and then you will make your home comfortable, cozy and stylish.