How to kill the mites?

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The reality is that in nature safely thriving almost 48 000 species of ticks!They live everywhere, even in Antarctica, occupying the soil, parasitic on birds and animals, settling on plants and foods.So whether we like it or not, and clash with them is more than possible.Therefore, how to kill mites, everyone should know.Fortunately, not all kinds of parasites.Many ticks are common predators or scavengers insect world.These do not interest us.Let us try to grasp the immensity and in one small article to talk about the huge family of parasites, poisons our lives.


These feed only on the blood of animals, birds and people.The nature of their already 700 species.Features of the body such that they can not harm themselves scanty to carry a virus encephalitis, borreliosis and other dangerous diseases.If a person is bitten by a tick, the probability of contracting high.Once bitten the virus enters the bloodstream immediately and the brain - the next day.Medicines for encephalitis do not always help, and many deaths, especially among children.There are two subspecies of ticks - the Siberian and Far East, the death rate from the bite of which is 25%!So much more important to know not how to kill the tick, and how to avoid being bitten.In Russia, these parasites are common in Siberia, the Far East, in Moscow, Leningrad, Ulyanovsk, Samara region, in Karelia.The peak of the attack - May-June.And ticks can be seen not only in the forest, but also in country houses, cemeteries, parks.

«Face" enemy

Appearance representatives of different species Ixodes somewhat different.There are tongs with solid back and patterned, there are dark, almost black, and there are light brown and gray.Common among them is that the tick fed many times more hungry and like a swollen blood bubbles.Length hungry - from 0.2 mm to 5 mm.Whole torso, his head clearly highlighted.In some species the body is covered with armor or shields.Feet had 4 couples and color have piercing-sucking mouthparts growths.How to kill the tick, if you suddenly caught it for yourself?Just crush?It covers so hard that after a penalty he continues to live on.Therefore it is recommended to burn it, and it is better to hand over to a laboratory for analysis to find out he is infected with a virus or not.

mites bite

bulk representatives of ticks are blind, so the statement that they attack only those who are white, at least misleading.The parasite reacts to the heat and the smell of the victim's body, and feels her more than 10 meters!While waiting, he can sit on a blade of grass or a tree 4 weeks and waiting for her, jumping on the victim and began to crawl through it in search of a place with a thin skin (armpits, groin, neck, abdomen).They bite is painless, because the victim is injected special substance-analgesic.So often people learn about bite only red spots (erythema) or at the onset of disease symptoms (fever, nausea, headache).In connection with this question Otomi how to kill mites, fades into the background.On the ground - how to protect yourself from ticks, even if they do not always notice it.Some advise chop special immunoglobulin, which need to be in possession.Experts doubt the effectiveness of this measure.There are cases where the immunoglobulin worsen the disease, but does not prevent it.


Regarding mites it is difficult to overestimate.Many zealous owners in crowded places (recreation centers, campsites, parks) conduct processing of green space parasites.How to kill the ticks on their own summer cottage?For this purpose suitable drugs "Medilis-tsiper" "Dermatsentor" "Hemafizalis".Some use of DDT.All of these drugs have the instructions for use that should be respected.

second important step of prevention is vaccination.It does not save you from the bites, but the only 100% protection against contracting fatal diseases.Vaccination is especially necessary for those who live in areas favored by ticks, as well as those who are going there.

For those who go into the woods, instead of the treated against parasites cottage, there are simple rules to help prevent tick bites.They are simple:

- every 2 hours to study his clothes for finding her mite;

- into the forest to wear long trousers, bottoms which fill in socks, blouse must also be long-sleeved;

- returned home to wash clothes.

parasite latched

How can kill the mites, which had to cling to the skin?Some are advised not to engage in independent action, and immediately rush to the doctor.This is wrong, because the sooner rid of the bloodsucker, the less virus (if they had any) get into the body.Independently tick is removed so:

1. thread tied his body as close as possible to the surface of the skin, that is his head, and slowly begins swinging until the tick lift it out of the sting head.If she suddenly looked up and remained in the skin, you have to dig it disinfected needle.

2. Close the tick on the skin with a cotton swab moistened with oil, lubricate it with Vaseline or wax to drip his body, that is, cut off his oxygen.They say that without the ability to breathe he gets out.

3. Squeeze the body of the tick with tweezers for plucking eyebrows and slowly starts to turn out (do not pull) from the skin.It is important to crush the parasite!Then the contents instantly get into the wound.If the tick is removed successfully, lubricate the bite with alcohol or iodine, tweezers and a needle wash.


Chemical Industries manufactures products that kill ticks.They are divided into:

- repellent, that is repellent;

- Acaricidal (paralyzing the parasite);

- insecticide-repellent (2 in 1).

Repellents are good that gets rid of all the blood-sucking creatures (gnats, mosquitoes, ticks) on the time spent in nature.These toxic agents, but no more than any other, serving a similar purpose.There are also repellents for children.They must be applied on clothes and skin, and it is desirable to spray the kids and head.Disadvantages repellents - short-term action, weathering, rinsing with water, and so on.The sale of a lot of them - "Pretiks", "Off! Extreme," "Deta-Wocke", "Biban" and other compounds containing diethyl toluamide, and permethrin.

Which means death kills ticks

answer is - acaricide.They (the substance based on sulfur, chlorine, phosphoric organics) kill mites on the plants, products (e.g., seeds) are included in preparations to kill parasites in animals and birds.For the people there acaricidal sprays, which, however, do not kill, but only paralyze ticks foot.All acaricides have a high grade of toxicity, so the skin is not applied, but only to clothing (not to put on a person, and lying on the side).Use it only after drying of the drug.The choice of acaricide sprays wide.This "anti-mite-tornado", "Gardeks-anti-mite", "Reftamid taiga" and others.Each such agent that kills mites, quite effectively, but working with them, you need to follow safety rules.

insecticidal-repellent agents combine 2 to 1. In any case, since the producers intended to surely.They are also toxic, so put only on clothing.


This disease is now rare, but forget it is not necessary.It called it itch mites.Catch them only by direct contact (including sexual) with an infected.Clothing and household items in the process do not participate.Once on a healthy person, the female parasite, like a mole, just beginning to dig into the skin of the course.Performance - 5 mm per day.For half an hour she can disappear entirely in their burrows.That is curious: scabies still, their purity, or the victim of a fan for a month unwashed.They live at all.Signs of destruction are rash, itching, broken lines (scabies burrows or tunnels).However, there are occasions when such symptoms.Favourite places for strokes - between the fingers and toes, genitals, wrists.The rash begins in the same place, and then spreads throughout the body.

terrible has scabies itself and its complications.So, half of the patients observed dermatitis and purulent inflammation, and some, particularly the weakened people with scabies occur pneumonia, erysipelas, internal abscesses and other diseases.How to kill a hypodermic tick?For this purpose, use the ointment with benzyl benzoate, lindane, malathion.I have proven the drug "Ivermectin".

scabies there are animals, but man, they are not passed.


65 species of these mites, but "human" only two.One lives in hair bags, the other - in the sebaceous glands.Parasites microscopic dimensions to 0.5 mm.Some believe that suffer from demodexes mostly teenagers.It's not a mite affected 2/3 of the elderly and middle-aged half.They are transferred from a healthy patient only through close contact.Many of us are unaware that they are carriers of tick, as there are no symptoms.They begin to manifest themselves in stress, diseases that weaken the immune system.It starts disease characterized by itching, rash, pustules.Demodekoz often confused with normal acne.Determine if there is a tick or not, can only laboratory tests.

How to kill a tick?Demodex is a fairly dense cover, through which the drugs are not penetrate.However, the ointment is the main medical facility.Good reviews are "Permetrinovaya", "Tsinkihtilovaya", "Amitrozin" (Eye), liquid chlorophyll.Folk healers recommend to treat the disease streptotsidom, tar soap, ointments personally prepared with the powder, garlic (it is made compresses with oil).For all kinds of treatment it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, the right to organize the daily routine and diet, eliminate stress.

Ambarnyi tick

These parasites live not only in the barn, but also on the roots of plants, bird nests, onions, grain, flour, sugar, cheese, wine, dried fruits.Their dimensions - 0.5 mm, so the naked eye to observe such mite difficult.Sugar and flour mites are the culprits so-called scabies grocer.In infected skin redness, itching, and in contact with the parasite inside the body connects the intestinal acariasis fraught with diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and urinary acariasis in which the damaged urinary organs.Cheese and wine mites also cause gastrointestinal disease.

How to kill ticks on the products?Nothing.Spoiled food should be discarded, and the place and containers where they are stored, processed soapy water with bleach.Some advised to use orange oil (a few drops in a glass of water).Prevention of infection: bringing cereals and products from the store at night put them in the freezer.

Spider mite

these parasites, there are about 1300 species, but the most famous - an ordinary spider mite.The size of the insect less than 1 mm, and the color changes from the development stage.Larvae slightly greenish, almost transparent, bright adult they are about 200 species of plants.The difficulty of controlling parasites that their eggs remained viable up to 5 years, and they are found in soil in flower pots, window frames in the slots and sills.Eat spider mites sap, thus rewarding its owner a number of diseases (gray mold, viral fitoinfektsii).Characteristic lesions - small bright dots on the leaves (lower side) and the web.Diseased plants should be immediately isolated from healthy, windowsill process.The kill spider mites?For this purpose insecticides:

- «Malathion."

- «Fitoverm."

- «Intavir."

- «Aldicarb."

Traditional methods are:

- near the plant put the garlic cloves and place the cap with turpentine, polyethylene wrap the pot and leave for a day;

- spray the plant extract of the roots of dandelion or onion peel.

There is biological control - placed near the sick plants mite predators that are sold in specialty stores.