Bare Lifts - invisible bra .What is it like to wear an invisible silicone bra , cost, and customer reviews

often trendy and bold silhouette clothes require special selection of lingerie.Neutral can not wear a bra under a model with an intriguing deep cut on the back or its complete absence.And without it the appearance of the breast does not always satisfy its possessor.One solution to this problem becomes a product called Bare Lifts - invisible bra.That is how he put on and what people think buyers, read on.

What is Bare Lifts?

invisible bra is a transparent adhesive tape, safe for the skin, which is carved in the form of stickers for the chest.Along the lower edge of the nipple on the site has a cutout so as not to hurt him, and the upper edge of the circumcised in three semicircles, festoons, which makes it easier to fix on the skin.Thus, the label lifts the breast from above, not from below.Do not forget that it does not cover the nipple.If you need to hide its contours, the additional buy appropriate masking stickers.

Strapless and jumpers, invisible bra is perfect for outdoor clothing and even bathing suit.Of course, it will not significantly change the existing data, but will give the breast a beautiful and neat form.

According to the manufacturer, labels fit on the chest volume A, B, C, D (1-4-th Russian size).On each unit of the product line drawn 3, which you can cut it and reduce its form under.Owners breast size D do not need to adjust anything.

Stickers can be worn up to 24 hours, but they are disposable and can not be reused.

And how much are Bare Lifts?The price varies from 140 to 500 rubles.per pack of 10 stickers.Do not forget that the market not only sell the original brand, but also a cheap low-quality fakes.So wary of low cost.Here is the original packaging.

How to put on a miracle bra

To provide full support for the breast, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions to Bare Lifts.

  1. Invisible bra fastens only on clean, dry skin, so a thorough shower and toweling can be considered the beginning of the process.
  2. Then cut the label as required for your breast size (if needed).
  3. Gently tear off the bottom portion of the protective film.Attach the sticker on the nipple.Try to make it lay flat.Carefully push it to the skin, straighten folds possible.
  4. Bend the upper edge and lift the rest of the protective film, lift the chest and lock it.Good iron the sticker.
  5. Repeat this procedure for the other breast.

Warnings that must be considered when wearing Bare Lifts

Invisible Bra is designed to give a woman a sense of comfort and confidence.However, before you make a purchase and wear it, please note the following.

  1. on products rarely experience an allergic reaction - hives, blisters or irritation.But do not use it if your skin is sensitive, or if it is damaged.This is the case of sunburn or a fresh tan.
  2. not use invisible silicone bra, if you have a contagious skin disease.After removing the labels may be red spots, which will soon disappear.
  3. If irritation persists or increases during Socks product, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  4. Stickers BareLifts can not attach to sleep.
  5. Invisible bra should not be used if you are breastfeeding.
  6. in contact with the skin adhesive may cause slight variations in the degree of pigmentation (lightening or darkening).
  7. on one breast, use only one label.

Customer Reviews

prospect of invisible support for the chest sounds tempting.And they think the real buyers of Bare Lifts?Reviews disagree.Many women swear labels because they do not keep the breast size C, D. Some say that they can not cope with more modest forms.

If the skin sweat, invisible bra can come off.So if you are going to actively move or dance, you are unlikely to suit the product.

The same applies to swimming: Stickers are only suitable for sunbathing on the beach to improve the appearance of breasts in a swimsuit.

known fact, when one of the women customers began irritation glue, and when she filmed invisible bra, the delicate skin chest hurt and leave a small scar.

But there are women who like Bare Lifts.Reviews say that it is important to understand the procedure "putting on" the product and to follow the instructions, and then the stickers can keep even breast size E. First of all, the skin needs to be perfectly clean and dry, without a hint of a lotion or shower gel residues.

And, of course, it is important to buy only original products.Counterfeits are made of thick film with glue of dubious origin and quickly come unstuck.