Getting rid of gnats in the house?

happens that in our houses appear very unpleasant "neighbors".No, we are not talking about cockroaches, and not even about bedbugs.We are talking about fruit, fruit flies gnats.Their name is harmless, it can not be said about them!Mote dangerous mosquitoes, so you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible."Getting rid of gnats in the house" - the theme of this article.

in still waters ...

bites of these insects are much more painful mosquito, because they, unlike mosquitoes, not just pierce the skin and suck our blood and eat away the flesh.Horrible!After a bite on the body appear bumps that itch and bleed, if they comb.Some people have an allergic reaction begins, manifested in swollen limbs.Heal these stings is extremely slow.Further, lice are transferred dangerous infectious diseases.

Where did they come from?

Before we tell you how to get rid of gnats in the house, let's find out how well do these stubborn Drosophila.The main reason for their occurrence is the lack of accuracy and cleanliness.For example, a half-eaten fruits, time has not rendered bin unwashed cat bowl, pot flowers, onions, stored in a flat, it's all - a favorable environment for the emergence and existence of black flies, fruit flies.

What if they are still there in the house?

You may ask: "How to deal with lice at home?"In principle, there's nothing complicated.We need to act according to the following scheme:

  • find and destroy the habitat of lice;
  • put traps on the fruit flies that managed to hide from us;
  • conduct a series of preventive measures to avoid the possibility of recurrence by midges.

Let's look at each of these points in more detail.

search and destruction of habitats of Drosophila

Getting rid of gnats in the house?Look where there are usually some rotting vegetable substances: apples, onions, pears.This is food for fruit flies.Do not forget to look into the jars of jam or compote, inspect all containers with non-food products, such as household cleaning products: detergents, bleaches and soaps.

set traps

So how to get rid of gnats in the house?The principle of the traps is luring midges in a special small hole to get back through which she was not able to.For example, take a plastic cup of yogurt (or glass dish), to put the bait (a piece of rotten apple or a used tea bag).On the glass stretched food film, in which with the help of a thick needle holes is done.Their diameter must allow the Drosophila fly into the glass.Everything.Well, beware midges in the house!

What to do?Nothing trap itself will do everything for you!Drosophila flock to the alluring smell, but had to fly back to can not.Accumulate 20 midges in a glass and set a new trap.The procedure should be repeated as long as fruit flies do not go away from your home.

prevention of Drosophila

necessary to thoroughly wash the trash and conscientiously carry out the wet spring cleaning, not only in the kitchen but also in the whole house.In addition, carefully remove all the leftover food and crumbs are constantly scrub the bowl of the favorites and most importantly, does not accumulate in the sink dirty dishes.