Robots instead of top models?

experts SRI Japanese city of Kobe made a new step in the field of robotics: they created a robotic mannequin for fashion shows (left).

height of the robot is significantly lower than the growth of the modern standard model, and is 160 centimeters.The robot can take almost any position thanks to 16 joints that make it almost indistinguishable from the motion men.

While development is a moving frame, but soon it will dress in plastic, the developers promise e supermodel.

Robot has a small weight and relatively low cost, as is made of aluminum.Management of the future can be a fashion model with a conventional mobile phone.

Tokyo actively support robotics, considering it a potential engine of the Japanese economy.It is projected that in five years the market robots that help a person in everyday life, in the country will increase from the current 5 billion. To $ 17 billion. By 2025, expected to rise to 60 billion. Dollars.

Electronic supermodel quite have the chance for a brighter "podium" the future for many reasons.

Firstly, their low cost compared to high fees supermodels living seems their main advantage.Secondly, obedient robots do not require special treatment, can work literally wear and do not know how to act up, as do many of the long-legged beauties.

course, is that no robot can not be compared to a live person, and "mechanical mannequin" are merely "walking hangers," but who knows how to turn business in the future ...

Apparently, the fashion world is slowly butsteadily started to accept this new product.

For example, one of the oldest Japanese designer Hanae Mori, who can not stand the impact of automation industry, has allowed "the robot model" to show she created 40 years ago, the classic outfit Chrysanthemum Dress.

Here is not only the new Japanese development - "robot-models" in full growth, but also a small model of the "avtomanekenschitsy" in action.

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