How to get rid dvuhvostok in the house?

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Each of us in life happen or that problem: some escapes milk, others can not impose order on the desktop, and others all found in his apartment some unexpected animals such as mice, ants, cockroaches, dvuhvostok(earwigs).The latter, perhaps, one of the most unpleasant house "neighbors."How to get rid dvuhvostok in the house - the topic of today's article.

What kind of animal is this?

In general, a name which was christened these parasites is folksy.We are talking about the word "diplura."In fact, these insects are called "earwigs".Some people jokingly call them "vilohvostkami."Many of us think that this insect is harmless and disappears out of the house (apartment) when eliminated dampness and humidity.Friends, it is not so!For these creatures need "a separate invitation."They themselves did not go away.All of this has already been tested by people who know how to get rid dvuhvostok indoors firsthand.

Their customs

Before we tell you how do to be output from the apartment of the six-legged creatures, let's learn more about their typical habits.So, here are the features of these insects:

  • diplura are nocturnal (during the day, you hardly notice them);
  • these insects are not poisonous, but bites a man, if he tries to grab them;
  • their diet is plant food and other insects;
  • their places of permanent habitation choose any raw and damp places.

diplura apartment.How to get rid of them

  1. oldest and proven way to persecution of these parasites is a very ordinary dichlorvos.Prior to treatment, do not forget to bring all the people and animals of the house (apartment).After the procedure, ventilate the apartment.
  2. curious that means copes with the problem of how to get rid of dvuhvostok in the house are the most common small "Masha" against cockroaches!It is also possible to use gels.Put them on a plinth on the potential sites of penetration of these pests.
  3. If you do not want to mess with the chemistry, there are alternative methods, which are afraid diplura.How to deal with them in this case?Very simple!Use natural and safe water Luco-garlic extract.His sharp and fetid smell still cause earwigs immediately leave your home.How to prepare the infusion?Take 100 grams of crushed garlic and onions, and pour it all half a liter of water.We insist for one day, and then sprayed on the walls and on the floor.
  4. If for some reason these insects do not want to leave your home, contact a specialist sanepidemiologicheskuyu service.Experts of the organization know firsthand how to get rid dvuhvostok in an apartment or house.For this they use special tools to carry out the processing facilities quickly, efficiently and safely to humans.

prevention of dvuhvostok house

  1. Pay close attention to all your room has never been damp and humidity.Pay special attention to the baths and bathrooms.
  2. Always wipe dry all surfaces.
  3. Also, do not forget from time to time to dry the room.This will help you get rid of excess moisture.