What diseases and pests found buckthorn

Diseases and pests of seabuckthorn are not so numerous.In Siberia, the most common pest of this plant is the sea buckthorn mole.In the Non-Black Earth - gallic mite and sea buckthorn aphid.But the worst was to plant disease called "Verticillium Wilt."

Diseases and pests of seabuckthorn

Sandthorn mole

inhabits Transbaikalia.When the buds begin to swell, the larvae of the parasite crawl inside, eating away the core.In the summer months the caterpillars build their nests from the web, pulling together to 6 leaves on the tops of the shoots.But they prefer to pupate in the soil.End of July - the time of occurrence of the butterfly pupae, and a month later, these butterflies lay new eggs on the bark of the trunk at the bottom of the bushes and fallen leaves.Fight moths using spraying "trichlorfon" before bud burst.

Sandthorn fly

This is a very dangerous insect for the sea buckthorn, which is able to destroy the crop completely.Lives fly in the Altai.Since the second half of June to the second half of August continued insect years.The larvae of the parasite is already a week after being introduced into the masonry fruits, eating their flesh.The berries are dark and wrinkled, and then completely fall off.Three weeks later, the larvae move to the ground, where they pupate and overwinter.To combat the pest is considered to be the most effective way of irrigation 0.2% "trichlorfon" in the second half of July.

Sandthorn aphids

Diseases and pests of seabuckthorn are not so numerous.One of these was the sea buckthorn aphid.It affects the parasite leaves.On the wintering aphids it remains as eggs next to the kidneys.When the kidneys are dismissed, juice and tender young leaves become food for the larvae.When finally leaves mature larvae settle on their underside.Rasselitelnitsy females have wings that allow them to fly into new territory and give birth to a new offspring aphids.Foliage, damaged by pests, early yellow, doubles over and fall.Destroy these pests buckthorn 10% "Malathion", and can be sprayed with decoctions and infusions of potato or tomato leaves, onion and garlic peels, tobacco leaves, adding a solution of soap.

buckthorn gallic mite

Diseases and pests of sea buckthorn include another representative - tick.He prefers the leaves of bushes for the winter settles in the axils of the kidney.The mite is very small (it can be seen only under a microscope), it has a white color.The parasite literally dries up young leaves, and then sucks the juice and ripe foliage, forming flat swelling - the Gauls.This leaves fall off early.Fight mite need the same method as the aphids.


Verticillium Wilt

This is the most serious disease, from which suffers buckthorn.Diseases and pests as described above, is not as dangerous as Verticillium Wilt.To date, it remains incurable.It is found in all regions of the cultivation of sea buckthorn.It has been established that the agent closes the conducting system of the plant, bush and killed.In August, the individual branch (or all of the foliage) turn yellow and fall off, the berries frown on developing blisters crust and then cracked.The very next year, the plant dies.