The girl is pregnant - a gift or a punishment?

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Pregnancy.Many young couples in love very much frightened when they learn about its occurrence, and some believe the contrary, this state gift from heaven, God.Fear of pregnancy is natural, especially if the partners have not reached the age of majority.Agree that if the girl is pregnant at the age of 13-15 years - this is contrary to both the moral standards by which modern society lives and natural physiological maturation of the body.But if the woman is pregnant as a minor - there are two exits.Either abortion, which may occur after the criminal responsibility for corruption of minors, or family life and the birth of the child.

Very often, in the boundless sea of ​​Web pages, you can stumble upon the question: "my girlfriend is pregnant, what to do, how to do the right thing."The unequivocal answer to this question is no, because everything depends on the circumstances, the material prosperity of the family, the health of young moms, and others. First we need to understand yourself, and whether you are ready to become parents?Will you be able to bear the whole burden of responsibility that will fall on your shoulders still quite immature after the baby is born?In any case, you and your pregnant girlfriend, what to do, have to define together.

Once you can come to a common opinion (or birth and marriage or abortion), you should seriously talk to your parents that your girlfriend is pregnant, they shine a while about his plans for the future.Of course, most parents support their sons in this, as children, despite the fact that they were not planned - the flowers of life.Further, the courage and bought a ring and a bouquet of beautiful flowers, go with my parents (father's presence required) to the house of his future wife.Explain the whole family situation pregnant girl and ask her lover's hand and heart, in the case of a positive response on her part, and the approval of the parents - run to prepare for the wedding, as well as to consult a gynecologist, who will hold the first ultrasound.

Unfortunately, statistics show that many young couples, fearing the wrath and anger of parents resort to abortion, totally unaware of the consequences of this intervention into the body of a young woman.After the couple discovers that she is pregnant, they are looking for methods of getting rid of newly originated fetus.

is a known fact that a minor to have an abortion without parental permission is strictly prohibited.Therefore, inexperienced and frightened couples rush to the pages of the web in search of the "illegal" an abortion, and, unfortunately, are.Charlatans posing as experienced and qualified doctors rather extorting large sums of money in adolescents, offering their services.For abortion as a necessary sanitary conditions, and certain skills, because of the presence of these conditions depends on the future of a pregnant woman, her health and even life.

We strongly recommend that you, if your girl is in the "interesting" position - think and analyze what could be the consequences of abortion in unsanitary conditions, which does not even have basic medical knowledge that would adversely affect the health of your beloved.Try to talk to the parents, because "the devil is not so terrible as he is painted."The most that they can do - to scold you, yell, threaten to parting with the girl, but eventually, when they cool down and begin to assess the incident objectively, their opinion may change drastically and they will be happiest with his grandparents in the world.