How to stop to masturbate?

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about the dangers of masturbation in the same way as its benefits, there are many conflicting opinions and statements.Some experts say that this activity is very harmful and leads not only to the development of dysfunction and deformation of reproductive organs, but also to the emergence of an inferiority complex, while others - "produce good" for something to masturbate in moderation, saying that thus the human bodyHe receives a discharge, clearing of accumulated emotions and stress.How to understand the issue of whether to masturbate helpful.Considering the fact that the benefits of masturbation speak mostly female sex therapists who are unlikely to thoroughly know the specifics of the male body, and the effects of masturbation for men, it is possible to question their views.

How to stop to masturbate?With such questions come to the reception to the doctor many men.According to statistics, 95% of men and 50% of women from time to time or regularly masturbate.Thus the first doctor to complain about sexual inadequacy, a permanent sense of guilt, etc.

How are wankers?When boys start puberty early may, and perhaps later, a man gradually maturing notes that sometimes a strange sexual organ reacts to erotic fantasies, pictures, scenes from the movies.At the head of the boy awakens interest researcher, and he tries for the first time to touch his penis.Finding that it gives him a pleasant feeling, he keeps moving his hand, and now comes the first orgasm.Needless to say how strong emotions experienced at this moment a young man?And most interestingly, masturbation is addictive, and therefore, the question of how to stop to masturbate can excite young man after a while more and more.After all, he sees that his peers are involved in sports, you win at the Olympics, getting excellent grades in the classroom at school, while he fully absorbed the expectation of another portion of pleasure, can not find neither the time nor the energy to something else, except for doubtfulclasses.

boy looks haggard, tired, sickly, with the mind, he also does not shine, but the thing is that the energy that is sent to the other track, he literally goes down the toilet.That's when he first and ask questions about how to stop to masturbate.And even begins to play sports in the morning, however, as soon as possible the desire of masturbation gripping it with renewed vigor.First, the guy feels guilty, and then completely humbled with the circumstances.And then all of a sudden can come first love, and with it the set of complexes, rising from masturbation sessions.Therefore, these people are very often kept feeling confident, shy, and hence very late become sexually active, if not start.

If you have a question about how to stop to masturbate, you can consult a number of ways.Firstly, the young man must develop self-control.If he feels the tension, if the life of any problems, you need to calm down, get together and firmly say to yourself that from now on all the problems will be resolved in an adult, and the voltage is better to waste, breaking pear, cushion, by doing exercises on the horizontal bar, or other physical activities.The main thing - to escape before the hand over will be pulled down to the genitals.

How to wean jerk, if the habit is strong enough and formed a long time?It can help and visits to a psychologist and exercise willpower.If you do not get tossed immediately, but, in practice, this happens quite often, you need to attempt to overcome the habit.You should not consider the candid pictures in men's magazines or pornographic scenes in the film, and in general, anything that causes a reaction field for a better time, withdraw from the field of view.The best cure for masturbation is the presence of a hobby or hobbies, maybe even more, doing that the young man simply will not have the time or energy to some sexual acts.